ISSUE 08 | Jan 2017

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Highlights: Xamarin Chart Library []

Xamarin Chart Library is a new chart tool for cross-platform development. The initial release includes:

- support for all common chart types
- 3D bar charts
- dashboards
- candlestick financial charts
- unlimited customizable legends
- pan, zoom, rotation, hit testing
- multiple data options
- several different grid types

Selected Blog Posts []

- Collaborative drawing with MindFusion.Diagramming and SignalR []
Learn how to implement collaborative drawing of diagrams where multiple users work at the same time, in a mindmapping software for example.
- Class Diagram Tool in Java with the Flowchart Library []
A step-by-step guide on how to create a tool that parses *.jar files and builds the class hierarchy.
- Database Schema with the Java Diagram Library - Part I []
The blog explains how to build a database diagram reading the metadata of the sample MySQL database sakila.
- Database Schema with the Java Diagram Library - Part II []
The second part of the tutorial explains the table relationships and the diagram layout.

Video Tutorials: []

- MySQL Database Schema in Java []
This video tutorial uses the Java diagram Library to create a DB schema from MySQL database metadata.
- WinForms Report Control: Nested Data Ranges []
Learn how to use nested DataRanges, which allow you to combine data fields from different data tables in a report section.

Recent Releases

- Diagramming for iOS, V1.0 []
A native iOS diagram library written entirely in Swift with support for diagrams, graphs, trees, org charts; appearance customizataion, numerous layout algorithms.
- JavaScript Chart Library, V1.1 []
Funnel charts, XML serialization for themes, multiple new appearance properties and improvements.
- Diagramming Components for the Web: JavaScript, V2.8, [] ASP.NET V5.7, [] ASP.NET MVC 2.8 []
Support for Fluent API, improvements in the DiagramLink-s, numerous new appearance properties for text and nodes, new events.
- Diagram Library for Java Swing, V4.3 []
Fluent API, Spline link shape, SegmentCount property for diagram connectors and more.
- Diagramming for Windows Forms, V6.4.2 [] Improvements in the Visio Stencils API, support for the Fluent API, improvements in diagram links and more.

Beta Versions

- Xamarin Pack Beta []

- WPF Diagram, V3.4.2 Beta []

- Diagramming for ActiveX, V4.9.3 Beta []

- Diagramming for Android, V1.4 Beta []


Happy New Year 2017! MindFusion wishes all of you health, luck and prosperity!


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