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Message started by Forum Admin on Jul 17th, 2017 at 5:56pm

Title: Diagramming for Android, V1.5
Post by Forum Admin on Jul 17th, 2017 at 5:56pm
We have released version 1.5 of MindFusion.Diagramming for Android. It contains the following new features and improvements:

Flip shapes
The shape of a ShapeNode can be flipped horizontally or vertically. Enable the AllowFlip property and the shape flips when an edge is dragged over its opposite edge. You can get or set current flip state using FlipX and FlipY properties.

DiagramLink improvements

  • AllowSplitLinks now works for Bezier links too. Users can insert a new Bezier segment by dragging any point (other than a control point) of a selected link. Adjacent segments can be merged back into a single one by dragging a tangent control point (square adjustment handle) onto a pass-through control point (round adjustment handle);
  • IntermediateShape shapes are now rendered at correct position for Spline links;


  • Behavior.PanAndModify lets you select and modify when touch gesture starts over an item, or pan the view otherwise;
  • Item texts are now rendered anti-aliased;
  • Zoom is now centered around touch position by default. The ZoomAtTopLeft Boolean property has been replaced by ZoomPivot property and respective enumeration, whose Center and TopLeft elements enable the old zoom behaviors.
  • Brush, Pen and DashStyle classes have been moved to com.mindfusion.drawing package;

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site.


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