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Normal Topic Diagramming for Xamarin, V1.6 (Read 1781 times)
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Diagramming for Xamarin, V1.6
Mar 12th, 2022 at 11:16am
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We have released version 1.6 of Xamarin Diagram control. It contains the following new features and improvements:

Node List Control
The NodeListView is a ListView control that can host any type of DiagramNode objects. Nodes from to the NodeListView control can be drag-and-dropped onto a Diagram, which creates a clone of the dragged node at the drop position. Call the AddNodes or AddNode methods to populate the list.

Extended Multi-Touch
  • If MultiTouchZoom property is enabled (default), the view can be zoomed or panned using two-touch pinch / flick gestures.
  • If MultiTouchModify property is enabled (default), diagram nodes can be moved, scaled and rotated using two-touch pinch / flick gestures.
  • If MultiTouchZoom property is disabled, each touch draws diagram items corresponding to current behavior.
  • If MultiTouchModify property is disabled, each touch started from a node draws a diagram link.

Latter modes can be used for collaborative whiteboarding / classroom scenarios.

  • Viewport property added to DiagramView, returns currently visible area of the diagram.
  • ClientToDoc and DocToClient methods convert coordinates between view's pixels and diagram's logical MeasureUnit.
  • MoveDirection constraint added to NodeConstraints.

The latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as MindFusion.Diagramming.Xamarin NuGet package.

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