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Spreadsheet for WinForms 1.3
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Spreadsheet for WinForms 1.3
Nov 25th, 2014 at 1:15pm
We have released version 1.3 of MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms. The new version includes:

Grouping and Outlining

Rows and columns can now be grouped. To group or ungroup a range of rows or columns, use the Group or Ungroup methods of the RowRange and ColumnRange classes. To set the outline level of a row/column or a range of rows/columns directly, use the OutlineLevel property. Groups can be expanded and collapsed interactively, by clicking on the expand/collapse button in the view, or programmatically, by settings the IsCollapsed property of the respective row or column.

New Events

Several new events have been added to the WorkbookView and WorksheetView classes:
  • Header interaction notification events - ColumnsMoved, ColumnsResized, RowsMoved, and RowsResized.
  • Group interaction events - ColumnGroupCollapsed, ColumnGroupExpanded, ColumnOutlineLevelToggled, RowGroupCollapsed, RowGroupExpanded, and RowOutlineLevelToggled.
  • Custom drawing events - DrawColumn and DrawRow.


  • Worksheets can be moved and copied to another workbook through the new Move and Copy methods.
  • The new EnableFormulaEvaluation property can be used to disable formula evaluation across the workbook.
  • New ShowActiveCell and ShowSelection properties added to the WorkbookView and WorksheetView classes.

Registered customers with an active upgrade subscription can download the licensed version from the clients area on our site.

A trial version is available for download here:

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