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MindFusion.WebForms Pack, 2015.R2
Dec 14th, 2015 at 1:37pm
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WebForms Pack 2015.R2 contains the following new features and improvements:

The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.Diagramming for WebForms:

Resize table columns and rows
(not available in ImageMap mode)
Columns and rows of a TableNode can now be resized interactively if its AllowResizeColumns or AllowResizeRows properties are enabled. In order to resize, move the mouse pointer to the border line on column's right side or row's bottom side until it shows resize cursor and start dragging. The control raises TableColumnResizing and TableRowResizing events to let you validate new size or prevent resizing some elements. The TableColumnResized and TableRowResized events are raised after the operation completes.

Canvas mode improvements
  • Shape library files and ShapeLibraryLocation properties of DiagramView and ShapeListBox can now be used in Canvas mode.
  • Items can now be deleted using Backspace key when running on Mac.
  • Caption divider line in TableNode and ContainerNode is now rendered clipped when caption height is smaller than corner radius.
  • The TooltipDelay property specifies the delay in milliseconds before showing tooltips.
  • The Orientation property of NodeListView lets you set the view's orientation to Horizontal or Vertical (members of Orientation enum).
  • Fixed overlaps in client-side TreeLayout when arranging nodes of different sizes.
  • Fixed a bug where deserialization of custom item classes worked correctly only if their names contained Node or Link suffix.
  • MsAjaxLocation and JQueryLocation properties let you change the location of external script libraries.

ImageMap mode improvements
  • Image generator implementation changed from Page to IHttpHandler, this makes it more lightweight avoiding the full page life-cycle.
  • Image generation is now implemented by the built-in ImageHandler class inside MindFusion.Common.WebForms assembly and it no longer requires adding external .aspx file to the project. Instead, it can be listed in web.config file:
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        <add name="ImageHandler" path="ImageGen.ashx" verb="GET"
            type="MindFusion.Common.WebForms.ImageHandler, MindFusion.Common.WebForms"/>
  • For convenience, there is still optional ImageGen.ashx provided as external file for easier set-up of the project (add existing file instead of changing web.config).
  • ZoomControl no longer draws using <canvas> element when running in ImageMap mode, but uses ImageHandler to generate bitmaps.

MindFusion.Mapping for WebForms now supports import and rendering of street maps in OpenStreetMap format. Use a StreetMapLayer instance's LoadFromXml method to load an .osm file. The pens and brushes used for drawing the map are stored within the StreetMapPens and StreetMapBrushes collections in the static StreetMapFeatures class. You can define additional pens and brushes for drawing and painting certain map features by using the StreetMapLayer's AddPen and AddBrush methods.

BarcodeLabel control added to MindFusion.WebForms Pack.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies and script files are also available as MindFusion.Pack.WebForms NuGet package.

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