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MindFusion.WPF Pack, 2018.R1
Aug 8th, 2018 at 12:41pm
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MindFusion Pack for WPF, 2018.R1 has been released with the following new changes and additions:

MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF

Non-blocking layout methods
All graph layout classes now contain an async ArrangeAsync method that runs layout calculations in a background task. This is only available in .NET 4.5 build of the diagram assemblies.

Layout improvements
  • The KeepLinkShapes property of LayeredLayout lets you preserve initial Shape value of links when LinkType is set to Cascading. The orthogonal path applied by latter property is approximated using respective link shape.
  • Set ConsiderNodeShapes property of LayeredLayout to align link end points to non-rectangular node borders.
  • Fix for wrong link positions when the diagram contains folded containers.
  • Fix for unnecessarily large distance between subsequent layers after a long node appears in a layer.

PathFinder improvements
  • Speed of FindAllCycles and EnumAllCycles methods improved.
  • FindAllCycles and EnumAllCycles no longer report mirrored versions of cycles in undirected mode.

Export Excel files
The ExcelExporter class from MindFusion.Diagramming.Wpf.ExcelExport.dll assembly exports diagrams to Excel Open XML Format (XLSX) files. Diagrams are exported as Excel AutoShapes drawings. The Export overload that takes a DiagramDocument parameter creates a sheet for each DiagramPage in the document. The Export(Diagram) overload creates a single Excel sheet.

Export improvements
  • CreateImage fix for blurry bitmaps when exporting large diagrams.
  • Visio2013Exporter processes links' arrowheads.
  • Visio2013Exporter preserves the diagram Z order.
  • Visio2013Exporter exports links' Text and Labels.
  • Visio2013Exporter exports Image of ShapeNode objects.
  • SvgExporter fix for non-zero origin of diagram's Bounds.

VirtualizingDiagram improvements
  • VirtualizingDiagram can contain nodes of different types now. Nodes returned for data items by InstantiateNode callback are stored in separate pools according to their type, and data items reuse node instances from respective pool. VisualCacheSize now specifies the size of per-type node pools.
  • If a data item has Container property set, the control associates its node with Container item's node. It Container item has been realized as a ContainerNode, the source node is added to it as a child. If Container's realized node is of another type, the source node is attached as subordinate using AttachTo method. An alternative way to specify container items is via the ResolveContainer callback.

Overview improvements
  • The boolean FitAll has been replaced by ScaleMode enumeration property. It implements a third scaling mode where overview's scale stays fixed and ignores diagram's zoom level.
  • If AllowZoom is enabled, users can zoom the diagram by resizing the overview's viewport tracking rectangle.

  • The LinkTextEdited event is now raised when a LinkLabel has been edited. The edited label is specified via Label property of the event arguments object.
  • LinkPadding property added to LayeredLayout specifies how much space to leave between links when LinkType is set to Cascading.
  • GridAlignPoint property of DiagramNode class specifies which point of a node should snap to a point of the alignment grid.
  • Z order of ContainerNode's children is now local to the container. Adding child node to a container no longer changes ZIndex values.
  • The Compact method of Diagram class moves nodes as far possible to the top or left sides of diagram without changing their initial relative positions.
  • The ExtendSelection element of ModifierKeyAction lets users select items with lasso rectangle without deselecting old ones.
  • Set KeepInsideDiagram property of Selection to prevent users from dragging multiple selection outside of diagram boundaries.
  • Fix for link auto-routing around rotated DiagramNodeAdapter objects.
  • ImagePadding property of ShapeNode, TableNode and Cell lets you set padding space between element's borders and the contained Image.
  • Visio2013Exporter now applies the TextVerticalAlignment property of nodes.
  • Improved GridRouter routes when connected nodes are close to each other.
  • New Add overload of ContainerNode enables resizing child nodes proportionally to their container.
  • Group rotation fix when setting RotationAngle to zero from code.
  • The Visibility property of LinkLabel lets you hide labels temporarily.

MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WPF

Worksheets now support autofiltering. To enable it, call the AutoFilter method of the CellRange class. To specify autofiltering criteria for individual columns, use the AutoFilter overload. These criteria can also be specified interactively, through the drop-down buttons inside the headers of each column in the target range.

The standard forms form the MindFusion.Spreadsheet.Wpf.StandardForms.dll assembly can now be localized for German, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. To do this call the new SetLocalizationInfo method of the Workbook class and provide a XML file containing the localized strings for the respective language. The XML files for the above languages can be found in the Localization folder inside the component installation.

Grouping and Outlining
Rows and columns can now be grouped. To group or ungroup a range of rows or columns, use the Group or Ungroup methods of the RowRange and ColumnRange classes. To set the outline level of a row/column or a range of rows/columns directly, use the OutlineLevel property. Groups can be expanded and collapsed interactively, by clicking on the expand/collapse button in the view, or programmatically, by settings the IsCollapsed property of the respective row or column.

New Events
Several new events have been added to the WorkbookView class: ColumnGroupCollapsed, ColumnGroupExpanded, ColumnOutlineLevelToggled, RowGroupCollapsed, RowGroupExpanded, and RowOutlineLevelToggled.

  • The ExcelImporter class now exposes a ReadConditionalFormats property, which can be used to prevent importing of conditional formats.

MindFusion.Keyboard for WPF

Key improvements
  • The UnicodeKey class can send any Unicode symbol as input to target text controls.
  • The IsPressed property is set to true while a key is pressed down by the user, allowing for data triggers in Xaml templates to change appearance of pressed keys.
  • Values of Content property of RegularKey can now be sent to external processes.

Keyboard improvements
  • A new Windows10 color scheme added to MindFusion.UI.Wpf.ColorSchemes.
  • The SetKeyLabels method lets you override labels of keys for a given language.

Active window tracking
  • The control updates its layout immediately when a window with a different current language activates.
  • Pressing a key no longer activates last target window, which was necessary when keyboard is used as a popup inside application but led to activation flickering. Set the new PreventActivation property instead to disable the keyboard's popup window from activating altogether.

  • Move multiple selected keys in keyboard creator.
  • Various keyboard creator fixes.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as MindFusion.Pack.Wpf NuGet package.

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