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MindFusion.WinForms Pack, 2019.R1
Jan 14th, 2019 at 11:25am
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MindFusion Pack for WinForms, 2019.R1 has been released with the following new changes and additions:

MindFusion.Diagramming for WinForms

Visio2013Exporter improvements
  • Visio2013Exporter now does full rendering for table, container and composite nodes.
  • Visio2013Exporter renders custom nodes that draw themselves through the IGraphics interface.
  • Coordinates of exported link end points are now assigned Visio formulas and follow the borders of resized nodes.

LayeredLayout improvements
  • The KeepLinkShapes property of LayeredLayout lets you preserve initial Shape value of links when LinkType is set to Cascading. The orthogonal path applied by latter property is approximated using respective link shape.
  • Fix for wrong link positions when the diagram contains folded containers.
  • Fix for unnecessarily large distance between subsequent layers after a long node appears in a layer.

PathFinder improvements
  • Speed of FindAllCycles and EnumAllCycles methods improved.
  • FindAllCycles and EnumAllCycles no longer report mirrored versions of cycles in undirected mode.

  • Improved precision when hit testing adjustment handles from touch event handlers.
  • Fix for incorrectly exported Procedure shape by ExcelExporter.
  • The Text property of nodes and links has been moved to the base DiagramItem class, allowing for easier text search and edit operations in the diagram. The
  • Caption property of container and table nodes now only wraps the base Text property. Map and Visio nodes now render Text too.

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard for WinForms

Key improvements
  • The UnicodeKey class can send any Unicode symbol as input to target text controls.
  • Values of Content property of RegularKey can now be sent to external processes.

Keyboard improvements
  • A new Windows10 color scheme added to Theme enumeration.
  • The SetKeyLabels method lets you override labels of keys for a given language.

Active window tracking
  • The control updates its layout immediately when a window with a different current language activates.
  • Pressing a key no longer activates last target window, which was necessary when keyboard is used as a popup inside application but led to activation flickering. Set the new PreventActivation property instead to disable the keyboard's popup window from activating altogether.

  • Move multiple selected keys in Keyboard Creator.
  • Various Keyboard Creator fixes.

MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms

  • The AllowResizeCells property specifies whether users can resize rows and columns by dragging cell borders.
  • Enable AutoFillCopyOnly to make the auto-fill tool only copy values instead of extrapolating new values from selection.
  • ReadConditionalFormats property of ExcelImporter lets you disable import of conditional formats.
  • Fixed style-related crashes in ExcelExporter.

MindFusion.UI for WinForms

Custom dock buttons
New DockControl API allows adding custom buttons to title-bars of dock items. Such buttons are represented as instances of the TitleBarButton class, and can be added to the following collections of DockControl: DockedTitleBarButtons, UndockedTitleBarButtons, TabbedTitleBarButtons. They can be drawn by callback method bound to Draw event or by directly seting the ButtonImage property. There are default title bar buttons available like close button, auto hide button and button that shows context menu. They are exposed as static properties of the TitleBarButtons class.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as NuGet package.

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