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Charting for Xamarin, V2.0
Nov 27th, 2020 at 11:20am
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We have released version 2.0 of MindFusion.Charting for Xamarin. It contains the following new features and improvements:

  • The library has been updated to Xamarin.Forms version 4.4. The target runtime of libraries have been changed to .NETStandard 2.0.
  • The core MindFusion.Charting.dll assembly has been refactored into 2 libraries - MindFusion.Common.dll and MindFusion.Charting.dll.

Universal Windows
The controls can now be used in UWP Xamarin.Forms applications. Support for UWP is implemented by the MindFusion.Charting.Universal.dll assembly. Rendering is done via the Win2D Windows Runtime API.

  • The MindFusion.Charting.Android.dll has been refactored into 2 libraries - MindFusion.Common.Android.dll and MindFusion.Charting.Android.dll.
  • The referenced Android SDK has been updated to Android 9.0 Pie (API Level 28).
  • MindFusion.Charting.Platform class has been moved to the MindFusion.Common.Android namespace.

  • The MindFusion.Charting.iOS.dll has been refactored into 2 libraries - MindFusion.Common.iOS.dll and MindFusion.Charting.iOS.dll.
  • The iOS assemblies target iOS SDK version 13.
  • MindFusion.Charting.Platform class has been moved to the MindFusion.Common.iOS namespace.

Interactive range selection
  • RangeSelector is a scrollbar-like component that lets users scroll or resize currently visible range of chart's data. BiaxialChart shows a horizontal range selector when its ShowXRangeSelector property is enabled, and a vertical one when ShowYRangeSelector is enabled. Scroll ranges are specified using XScrollRangeMin and XScrollRangeMax properties for the X axis, and YScrollRangeMin and YScrollRangeMax properties for Y axis.
  • With AllowZoom enabled, users can now select axis ranges by dragging over either X or Y axis renderer.

Funnel Chart
Funnel charts are often used to represent the stages of a process and show relative values or measurements associated with each stage. In MindFusion.Charting API, funnel charts can be created using the FunnelChart stand-alone control or a FunnelRenderer instance placed inside a more complex dashboard. FunnelChart inherits from the base Chart class and offers additional customization through its SegmentSpacing and StemWidth properties.

Axis origin
The Origin property of Axis class lets you specify the origin of an axis. If set to a non-null value, the component renders an axis line inside the plot. Bars are drawn below that axis line if their values are smaller than the origin. For stacked bar charts, each bar length corresponds to the difference between bar's value and origin.

  • Support for underlined font styles.
  • Data labels on axes can be drawn rotated. To enable that, set the LabelRotationAngle property of AxisRenderer objects, or XAxisLabelRotationAngle and YAxisLabelRotationAngle of BiaxialChart objects.
  • Legends can display all elements of a series instead of series Title values, which is useful for pie and funnel charts. To enable that mode, set the ShowSeriesElements of LegendRenderer to true, and assign the kind of labels to display to the ElementLabelKind property.
  • The Labels property of SimpleSeries lets you change series labels after the instance is created.
  • IFormatProvider CustomFormat property of Axis class lets you set custom formatter for coordinate labels.
  • DateTimeFormat property of Chart and DataBoundSeries classes let you specify how to format DateTime labels.
  • ShowHighlight and ShowToolTips properties let you disable highlights and tooltips.
  • OuterLabelRotation and InnerLabelRotation properties of BarChart and bar series renderer classes let you set custom label rotation angles.
  • StackOuterLabels property of BarChart and BarStackRenderer specifies whether outer labels are displayed stacked on top of stacked bars.
  • The YLabelAlignment property of BiaxialChart specifies horizontal alignment of Y-axis labels.
  • Fix for data-bound series in horizontal bar charts binding only to a single Y-values column.
  • ToolTips property added to SimpleSeries class specifies tooltips for data values.
  • DataLabelsBackground property added to Theme class specifies background of data labels.
  • DataLabelsBorderStroke, DataLabelsBorderDashStyle, DataLabelsBorderThickness properties of Theme class allow displaying and customizing borders around data labels.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as MindFusion.Charting.Xamarin NuGet package.

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