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MindFusion.WPF Pack, 2021.R1
Jul 24th, 2021 at 3:58pm
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We have released MindFusion.WPF Pack 2021.R1. It adds following new features and improvements:

.NET 5 support
The MindFusion.WPF Pack distribution now includes assemblies for .NET 5. Locally installed assemblies do not appear automatically in Visual Studio toolbox at this time; you can either add them manually or through Nuget package manager.


SVG nodes
The SvgNode class represents nodes that display SVG drawings, in addition to the rendering provided by the base ShapeNode class. A node's SVG drawing is rendered after its associated bitmap Image. Set the Transparent property of base type to hide the node's Shape geometry and draw only SVG graphics. The SVG drawing that should be shown inside an SvgNode is specified through the node's Content property. SVG graphics are loaded and associated with the node through an SvgContent object, which should be initialized and then assigned to this property.

Import diagrams from SVG
The SvgImporter class allows importing Scalable Vector Graphics files (*.svg) into MindFusion.Diagramming. Each top-level SVG group element is imported as a separate SvgNode, whose Content is set to the group's child elements. If the SVG file was exported from Visio or OpenOffice Draw, SvgImporter will create DiagramLink objects for groups it recognizes as connectors in order to recreate the original diagram model, though in this case it will not preserve fully the original appearance of connectors in SVG.

Code 128 barcodes
BarcodeNode now supports barcodes in code 128 format.

Lasso zoom tool
The control now supports several ways to zoom using lasso tool:
  • Set the Behavior property to Zoom to always draw zoom lasso.
  • Set the Zoom flag for one of the keys in ModifierKeyActions to let users draw zoom-lasso with respective modifier key pressed and the left mouse button.
  • Assign Zoom value to RightButtonActions or MiddleButtonActions property to zoom using respective mouse button.

Layout improvements
  • Automatic layout classes now process DiagramLinks connected to TreeViewItems.
  • Set CompactLaterally property of LayeredLayout to create more compact layouts.

Fishbone diagrams
The FishboneDiagram controls creates Ishikawa diagrams (a.k.a. fishbone or cause-and-effect diagrams) from specified data source. Fishbone diagrams are used to display causes of manufacturing effect / defect / event, grouped in categories, and arranged as ribs around a backbone. The FishboneDiagram control creates a category branch (rib) for each item specified in the ItemsSource property. Category labels are obtained from the items' property specified by LabelPath. The causes in a category are obtained from the collection-property of items specified via CausesPath. If the collection contains strings, they are displayed directly as labels in respective branch. If causes are data objects, their labels are obtained through CauseLabelPath.

  • The TextLinePositions property returns the positions of text lines in ShapeNode.
  • Fixed TextLines exception when Text is empty string.
  • PdfExporter and SvgExporter now support ImageBrush brushes.
  • Arc direction fixes in PdfExporter and SvgExporter.
  • Fixed DiagramLink exceptions in clipboard copy and paste methods.
  • The MoveNodes behavior allows grabbing nodes to drag them without using adjustment handles.
  • Added protected visibility to CompleteModify overloaded method of DiagramItem, called for indirect modifications.
  • PanBehavior class used to implement Pan and PanAndModify behaviors is now public, allowing deriving custom behaviors from it.
  • ArrangeAnimated fixes.
  • ImageAlign supports new FitLeft, FitTop, FitRight and FitBottom alignment styles, which resize Image to fit node's boundaries and align it to respective border.
  • The InitializeLasso event lets you customize appearance of selection lasso before it shows on screen.

API changes
  • NodeModifying and LinkModifying events are now also raised for items in multiple-selection.
  • The Behavior property setter no longer clears current selection. Call the SetBehavior method with true argument instead if you need selection cleared too.


Dark themes
Two dark themes added, accessible via the Dark and Black elements of ThemeType enumeration.


Code 128 barcodes
Barcode objects now support barcodes in code 128 format.

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
  • UnicodeKey fix for sending key to popup window in same process.
  • Dispose and DisposeShared methods added.

  • ExcelImporter fix for default false value of validations' showErrorMessage attribute.
  • SUMIF and AVERAGEIF fixes for multiple-column ranges.

  • New SvgViewer control added to the pack, lets you display SVG drawings in WPF.
  • BarcodeLabel now supports barcodes in code 128 format.
  • WindowDocking and WindowUndocking validation events added to DockControl.
  • ItemSelected and ItemClosing events added to DockControl.
  • Fixed wrong dock overlay position when Windows 10 display scaling is enabled.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as MindFusion.Pack.Wpf NuGet package.

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