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MindFusion.WinForms Pack, 2023.R1
Jul 31st, 2023 at 3:52pm
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We have released MindFusion.WinForms Pack 2023.R1. It adds following new features and improvements:


Paged view
PagedDiagramView offers an alternative way to display DiagramDocument objects (along with TabbedDiagramView). The diagram pages are arranged vertically in a shared scrollable range. The distance between pages can be set via PageSpacing property. If pages are of differing widths, you can align them horizontally using the PageAlignment property. Apart from using scrollbars, users can also change pages by clicking navigation buttons at the bottom of the view. The navigation bar can optionally display buttons for adding and removing pages, as specified by ShowAddButton and ShowRemoveButton properties. The control raises PageAdding and PageRemoving validation events to confirm the operations. If validated, there are PageAdded and PageRemoved events raised. If the AllowRenamePages property is enabled, users can edit the Title of a DiagramPage by double clicking the label in navigation bar. The PageRenamed event is raised to notify the application when page is renamed.

Styled supplementary labels
The EnableStyledText property of ItemLabel lets you enable or disable styled text rendering in node and link labels. Styled text can contain italic, bold, underline, subscript, superscript and color attributes applied to its substrings. The attributes are specified using HTML-like formatting tags embedded in the raw text, listed in Text Attributes and Formatting section of the help file.

SvgNode improvements
  • SvgNode can load SVG styles by id and type CSS selectors.
  • Bitmap images embedded in SVG can now be decoded from non-PNG formats.
  • Improved rendering of text embedded in SVG.
  • Fix for S command in path data (shortcut syntax for cubic Bezier curves) when not following another curve.
  • Support for transforms on embedded bitmaps.
  • Support for new-line symbols in style and path data attributes.
  • SvgContent parser fixes for subpaths and missing delimiters.
  • FromFile and FromStream static methods added to SvgContent let you load SVG drawings with less code.

Offscreen printing
Diagrams can be printed without showing them in diagram views on forms, or opening forms altogether, by means of DiagramPrinter and DiagramDocumentPrinter. The former lets you print a diagram assigned to the Diagram property, while the latter prints a DiagramDocument assigned to its Document property.

  • Specify what visual effect to show during interactive modification of items by setting ModificationEffect.
  • The Opacity property lets you create translucent DiagramItem by applying it to the alpha channel of all colors in the item.
  • New CopySelection overload lets you copy a list of items without selecting them.
  • Set GridPatternHatch and GridPatternThreshold to replace alignment grid with hatch pattern at low zoom levels for faster drawing.
  • The ValidateLinkCrossing event validates visibility of individual link crossing point decorations.
  • Arrange method of ContainerNode now adds offset for CaptionHeight; adjusting for caption through layout's Margins is no longer necessary.
  • Fix for ResizeToFitText method ignoring TextPadding in KeepWidth mode.
  • BorderColor and BorderWidth properties added to DiagramView.
  • Fix for link positions not reindexing correctly when spatial index is enabled.

  • The CellIndex class can be used to convert between integer column / row and string representation of a cell address.
  • A new [] indexer of CellCollection accepts CellIndex as parameter.
  • OldValue, CurrentColumn and CurrentRow properties of IExpressionEvaluatorContext provide more contextual information for custom function evaluation.
  • Fixed ExcelExporter export of quoted texts.
  • Fixed ExcelExporter exception when exporting validations with null message texts.

  • The Opacity property lets you create translucent items by applying it to the alpha channel of all colors in the Style.
  • Fix for items not repainting immediately after changing StartTime and EndTime properties (also from standard AppointmentForm).
  • New ScheduleDB sample project demonstrates storing the schedule in SQLite database.
  • Added localizations for following languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish;

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
  • The CurrentLayout property returns the KeyboardLayout instance currently in use.
  • Fixed unequal layout margins; now the keyboard should center correctly inside its layout area.

  • The Repeater control repeats controls of specified class in a scrollable range.
  • The NavigationBar control implements a toolbar that displays navigation buttons.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as NuGet package.

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