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MindFusion.WinForms Pack, 2023.R2
Dec 29th, 2023 at 9:25am
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We have released MindFusion.WinForms Pack 2023.R2. It adds following new features and improvements:


Multi-touch support
Diagram views now handle Windows touch messages and implement multitouch gestures that can be controlled via following properties:
  • If MultiTouchZoom property is enabled (default), the view can be zoomed or panned using two-touch pinch / flick gestures.
  • If MultiTouchModify property is enabled (default), diagram nodes can be moved, scaled and rotated using two-touch pinch / flick gestures.
  • If MultiTouchZoom property is disabled, each touch draws diagram items corresponding to current behavior.
  • If MultiTouchModify property is disabled, each touch started from a node draws a diagram link.
  • Latter modes can be used for collaborative whiteboarding / classroom scenarios.
  • Setting MultiTouchDraw to false lets you prevent drawing multiple items simultaneously, while keeping other multitouch gestures enabled.
  • If MultiTouchDraw is enabled (default), a second touch will still cancel first-touch drawing if added within TouchGestureInterval time and TouchGestureDistance distance, and start a multi-touch gesture.
  • Additional Diagram.TouchHitDistance property makes it easier to grab adjustment handles on touch screens, without increasing the AdjustmentHandlesSize value.

The library now includes several standard animation classes and methods.

The Animate method of DiagramItem can run following animations:
  • FillColorAnimation animates the fill color of nodes or link arrowheads.
  • StrokeColorAnimation animates the color of node borders or link segments.
  • OpacityAnimation animates items' opacity for fade-in and fade-out effects.

Following animations can be applied to DiagramNodes:
  • BounceAnimation animates vertical position of nodes.
  • ShakeAnimation animates horizontal position of nodes.
  • PulseAnimation animates node's local scale factor.
  • PathAnimation moves nodes along specified path.

The Animate method of DiagramView can run following animations:
  • ScrollAnimation animates the scroll position of a view.
  • ZoomAnimation animates the zoom factor of a view.

Async serialization
Files can now be saved and loaded asynchronously. Async methods create a copy of the diagram to process it in a worker thread, and custom item classes must implement Clone method or copy constructor in order to serialize them as expected.
  • async SaveToFileAsync and LoadFromFileAsync methods of Diagram and DiagramDocument implement serialization in binary format.
  • async SaveToXmlAsync and LoadFromXmlAsync methods of Diagram and DiagramDocument implement serialization in XML format.
  • async SaveToJsonFileAsync, SaveToJsonAsync, LoadFromJsonFileAsync, LoadFromJsonAsync methods of Diagram and DiagramDocument implement serialization in JSON format.

  • Enable the AllowZoom property of Overview control to let users zoom the diagram view by resizing overview's viewport tracker rectangle.
  • SvgNode parser now supports multiple class names in the "class" attribute of SVG elements.
  • DiagramDocument JSON serialization methods.
  • Clone methods of Diagram and DiagramDocument return a copy of the diagram / document and its items.

  • In-place editor and formula bar fixes when EnableFormulaEvaluation is false.

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
  • The RepeatDownOnly property specifies whether keys repeat only key-down events, or pairs of down and up events.
  • Fix for AltGr grapheme generation not working in some applications.

  • TouchControl is a base class that lets you handle multi-touch events in Windows Forms.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as NuGet package.

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