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version 3.2 beta
Jan 13th, 2015 at 1:04pm
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DiagramLite v3.2 contains the following new features:

Foldable containers
Set the Foldable property of ContainerNode to let users fold and unfold containers by clicking up/down arrow in their caption bars. The Folded property lets you fold or unfold containers programmatically. When folded, the child nodes of a container are hidden and its height is set to the caption bar height. The control raises ContainerFolded and ContainerUnfolded events when users fold or unfold a container interactively.

Improved arrowhead rendering
~ Arrowheads are rendered as a single path when possible and several arrowhead Shape definitions have been changed to implement mitered joints when HeadStrokeThickness is set to a bigger value.
~ The point where end segments connect to arrowheads can be specified via the LinkSegmentInset property of the Shape class. Shape definitions from the ArrowHeads class set it to suitable default value. This allows using transparent or semi-transparent brushes without seeing the link line drawn behind arrowheads.

License keys
There is no separate trial build of the control assemblies anymore. Instead, set the LicenseKey property to disable the component's evaluation mode and stop displaying trial messages. If your application contains more than one Diagram instance or other controls by MindFusion, you could call MindFusion.Licensing.LicenseManager.AddLicense(key) to specify the key once instead of setting it per each control. License key strings will be listed on the Keys & Downloads page at MindFusion's customer portal.

~ Set the Brush property of LinkLabel to fill the background of link labels.
~ The Anchoring.Keep option is now honored by OrthogonalRouter.
~ The ChangeUnit method sets a new MeasureUnit and scales the coordinates of diagram items to keep them the same size.
~ Fixed node spacing in bottom-to-top TreeLayout.
~ The updateLinks parameter of SetBounds lets you specify whether link positions should change when setting node's new position.

If anyone is interested in trying the beta version, please download this archive containing updated control assemblies and help file:

Any comments, questions and general feedback are welcome.
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