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  We have released initial version of MindFusion.Scheduling library for HTML5 & JavaScript.  
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MindFusion.WebForms Pack, 2015.R1 beta
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MindFusion.WebForms Pack, 2015.R1 beta
Jun 24th, 2015 at 2:59pm
WebForms Pack 2015.R1 contains the following new features and improvements:


There is no separate trial build of the control assemblies anymore. Instead, set the LicenseKey property of the individual components to disable the component's evaluation mode and stop displaying trial messages. If your application contains more than one control by MindFusion, you could call MindFusion.Licensing.LicenseManager.AddLicense(key) to specify the key once instead of setting it per each control. License key strings are listed on the Keys & Downloads page at MindFusion's customer portal.

Visual Studio 2015 Toolbox Support

MindFusion.WebForms components can now be installed automatically into Visual Studio 2015 toolbox palette.


The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.Charting for WebForms:

Custom Formatting of Labels for Line charts

Line charts now support custom formatting of labels. It is used when the number format property is set to NumberFormat.Custom. The properties that set the custom number format use the custom format strings for .net. To use custom formatting, set LabelFormat to NumberFormat.Custom and use LabelCustomFormat.

Sorted Bars

The algorithm for sorting of bars has been improved. Bars in a series or in clusters can be sorted in ascending or descending order - use the SortOrder property. You can also sort each series/cluster with the SortSeriesBy property. Bar can be sorted with their colors preserved if SortColor is set to true.


  • Bars are now outlined with the consecutive pen from the ChartPens collection rather than the AxisPen.
  • Drawing of line and area charts has greatly been improved - the control now draws only the visible portion of the chart rather than the whole chart, which was clipped to the visible rectangle.
  • AreaOpacity property added to radar charts.
  • AxesOnTop property in radar charts sets the order of drawing for the graphic and the axes.
  • In line charts colors can be sorted with line series or scatters when those get sorted.
  • Fixed a bug which displaced the order of tooltips when sorting was enabled.


The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.Diagramming for WebForms:

Canvas mode improvements

  • Shape property of TableNode and ContainerNode is now supported in Canvas mode.
  • CellFrameStyle and EnableStyledText properties of TableNode are now supported in Canvas mode.
  • CellTextEditedScript event raised when users edit the text of table cells.
  • CreateEditControlScript event lets you create custom DOM element or fragment to use as in-place text editor.
  • NodeListView raises nodeSelected event when the user selects a node.
  • Load XML files from client side by calling loadFromXml method of Diagram class.
  • Fixed setZoomFactorPivot bug in virtual scroll mode.
  • General text rendering quality improved. The component removes scale transformations applied for MeasureUnit and ZoomFactor before drawing text on the canvas, and instead specifies a scaled font size, which helps improve text appearance in Firefox and older versions of Chrome.
  • Now items' text can be drawn underlined. To enable this, set the underline attribute of the Font class.
  • Font styles can be specified via Style instance by setting its FontStyle property.
  • The ShadowsStyle property is now supported in Canvas mode.
  • Number of link segments can now be set from client-side scripts by calling the setSegmentCount method.
  • The BackgroundImageAlign property is now supported in Canvas mode.
  • The TextPadding property of items is now supported in Canvas mode.
  • Nodes of all classes can be rotated.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alpha value of colors was lost after post-back.

Styled text in Canvas mode

The EnableStyledText property of ShapeNode allows using HTML-like formatting tags to apply various attributes to the node's text. At this time the component supports the following formatting tags:

<b> specifies bold text
<i> specifies italic text
<u> specifies underlined text
<color=value> specifies text color
<br /> specifies line break

Zoom control

(not available in JavaApplet mode)
The ZoomControl class lets users change interactively the current zoom level and scroll position of a DiagramView. To set it up, add a ZoomControl element to the page and set the control's TargetId property to the id of a DiagramView. Set the ZoomStep and ScrollStep properties to specify the amount added to diagram's zoom level or scroll position by ZoomControl's buttons. You can customize the control's appearance by setting properties such as Fill, BorderColor, CornerRadius and TickPosition.


  • NodeTextEdited, LinkTextEdited and CellTextEdited server-side events.
  • createThickness method added to ScriptHelper.
  • Sample projects have been improved and extended.
  • Canvas mode can render items using dashed lines in browsers that support the setLineDash function. To enable this, set pen's DashStyle property for DiagramItem or the StrokeDashStyle property of Style.
  • Client-side TreeLayout supports organizational charts with assistant nodes as in Microsoft Office diagrams. To mark nodes as assistants, set node.LayoutTraits[TreeLayout.Assistant] to a member of the AssistantType enumeration . Set TreeLayout.enableAssistants = true to arrange assistant nodes in a separate branch between the main node levels.
  • Specify if separate connected components of a graph should be arranged horizontally or vertically relatively to each other by setting the multipleGraphsPlacement attribute of layout classes.
  • The type of Margin property of LinkLabel has been changed from number to Thickness, letting you specify different margin sizes at each side of the label.
  • Masters for Start and Arrow7 shapes added to VisioExporter template file.
  • VisioImporter now tries to preserve Shape of ShapeNode objects when importing from files created by VisioExporter.
  • Fixed FormatException caused by changed type of scroll position from integer to floating point number in Chrome version 39.
  • Set the Brush property of LinkLabel class to fill the background of labels.
  • VisioExporter export speed has been improved greatly for large diagrams.


Linear and oval gauge controls have been added to MindFusion.WebForms pack. The gauges are drawn on client side using HTML Canvas API. Users can change gauge values interactively by dragging their elements.


The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.Scheduling for WebForms:

Horizontal Timetable view

Horizontal layout has been added to the Timetable view. The horizontal timetable view displays a collection of rows where each row represents the allotment of resources to distinct hours of a day; the rows in this view represent dates, tasks, locations, contacts or resources. The rows can be grouped by location, task, contact or resource. Each column represents an hour or a custom time interval. You can switch between horizontal and vertical layouts of the Timetable view by setting its Orientation property.


  • The bundled jQuery version has been upgraded to 1.11.2.
  • getViewDom method has been added to the Calendar's client API.


The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.UI for WebForms:


  • The bundled jQuery version has been upgraded to 1.11.2.
  • Zoom control now implements the IPostBackDataHandler interface. Use the new preparePostback and postback client-side methods to explicitly post the control back to the server.

If anyone is interested in trying the beta version, please download this archive containing the full WebForms pack installer:

Any comments, questions and general feedback are welcome.
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