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  We have released initial version of MindFusion.Scheduling library for HTML5 & JavaScript.  
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Diagramming for ASP.NET, V5.7
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Diagramming for ASP.NET, V5.7
Nov 25th, 2016 at 2:18pm
We have released version 5.7 of NetDiagram. It contains the following new features and improvements. This is last planned version to include JavaApplet mode; going forward we will support only ImageMap and Canvas modes.

Fluent API
Extension methods in MindFusion.Diagramming.Fluent and MindFusion.Diagramming.Layout.Fluent namespaces add support for fluent programming style:

using MindFusion.Diagramming.Fluent;
using MindFusion.Diagramming.Layout.Fluent;

	.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 20, 20)
		.Font("Arial", 12)
		.Text("Task <i>1</i>")
		.ToolTip("This is the task");

new TreeLayout()

DiagramLink improvements
  • the component no longer keeps a separate segmentCount field, removing a common source of errors. The SegmentCount property now calculates its value from ControlPoints elements. The UpdateFromPoints(updateGroups, updateSegments) overload has been removed too;
  • SegmentCount setter no longer refuses changing number of segments if auto-routing is enabled or the link is a self-loop;
  • the new Spline element of LinkShape enumeration draws links as interpolating splines that pass through all of their control points:


Canvas mode improvements
  • DiagramLink.HeadPen property now works in Canvas mode. Its corresponding methods in JavaScript API are setHeadStroke, setHeadStrokeThickness and setHeadStrokeDashStyle;
  • CaptionFormat properties of TableNode and ContainerNode are now supported in Canvas mode. Corresponding methods in JavaScript API are setTextAlignment and setLineAlignment;
  • the AllowResizeHeaders property of swimlanes Grid now supported in Canvas mode. The control raises HeaderStartResizingScript validation event when the user tries to resize, and HeaderResizedScript when the operation completes.
  • NodeSize and DefaultNodeSize properties of NodeListView can be set to SizeF.Empty, in which case the control will use the sizes stored in node.Bounds;
  • the control now supports cyclic attachment created using DiagramNode.attachTo method, where moving any of the attached nodes will move all other nodes in the cycle;
  • Shapes.RoundRect corner arcs keep constant radius and no longer deform when the node size changes to non-rectangular;
  • ItemAddedScript and ItemRemovedScript events raised when an item is added or removed, either from code or interactively;
  • DiagramView.CustomLinkType property now supported in Canvas mode;
  • Diagram.AllowSelfLoops property now supported in Canvas mode;

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies and script files are also available as MindFusion.Diagramming.WebForms NuGet package.
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