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  We have released initial version of MindFusion.JavaScript pack. It includes chart, diagram, calendar, map, virtual keyboard, gauge and UI components. Here are more details and live demo for anyone interested.  
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Scheduling for JavaScript, V1.2 Released
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Scheduling for JavaScript, V1.2 Released
Jan 30th, 2019 at 2:02pm
The list below describes recent changes and additions to MindFusion.Scheduling for JavaScript:

New in version 1.2



  • startTime and endTime read-only properties return the time of the first and last visible calendar cells.
  • itemsStartTime and itemsEndTime read-only properties return the time of the first and last calendar cells, that can contain items.
  • getItemCells method returns the calendar view cells that hold the specified item's visual elements.
  • getCellItems method returns the items, whose visual elements are contained in the specified calendar cell.
  • getItemDom method returns the specified item's visual elements.
  • itemsChanged and itemsChanging events are raised whenever the user has changed or tries to change the calendar's schedule collections of items and resources.
  • all item interactions (drag, resize, inplace edit) now raise the itemModifying and itemModified events. The type of interaction is stored in the ItemModifiedEventArgs action field      


  • getAllItems method retrieves all events, including recurrent item instances, scheduled to occur in the specified time interval.
  • itemsChanging itemsChanged events are raised when items are added and removed from the items collection.

BaseForm class

  • calendar and item read-only properties allow access to the underlying calendar and the modified item.
  • element, header content properties return references to the corresponding DOM elements.
  • controls property returns a dictionary, containing references to all controls present in the form.

  • Day headers in month and week views can now be set to fill the whole day cell via the expandDayHeaders property of the corresponding settings class.
  • localization json files.
  • updated themes.

The latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:


Updated assemblies are also available at https://www.npmjs.com/package/scheduler-library npm.

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