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Decision Anchor Points
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Decision Anchor Points
May 23rd, 2019 at 1:06pm
I'm trying to create a flow diagram with a decision shape.
No matter how much I've tried, I failed to set the anchor point for the decision shape. I always get A (in the attached image), while B is the desired output.

Following is the code snippet I use:
            var diagram = new Diagram();

            ShapeNode n1 = diagram.Factory.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 24, 14);
            ShapeNode n2 = diagram.Factory.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 24, 14);
            ShapeNode n3 = diagram.Factory.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 24, 14);
            ShapeNode n4 = diagram.Factory.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 24, 14);
            ShapeNode n5 = diagram.Factory.CreateShapeNode(10, 10, 24, 14);
            n2.Shape.AnchorPattern = AnchorPattern.Decision1In3Out;
            n2.Shape = Shapes.Decision;
            n1.Shape = Shapes.Ellipse;
            n5.Shape = Shapes.Ellipse;

            n1.Text = "Start";
            n2.Text = "Hungry";
            n3.Text = "Eat";
            n4.Text = "Sleep";
            n5.Text = "End";


            var l1 = diagram.Factory.CreateDiagramLink(n1, n2);
            var l2 = diagram.Factory.CreateDiagramLink(n2, n3);
            var l3 = diagram.Factory.CreateDiagramLink(n2, n4);
            var l4 = diagram.Factory.CreateDiagramLink(n3, n4);
            var l5 = diagram.Factory.CreateDiagramLink(n4, n5);

            l2.Text = "Yes";
            l3.Text = "No";

            l3.OriginAnchor = 3;
            l3.AutoRoute = true;

            var layout = new FlowchartLayout();
            layout.Anchoring = Anchoring.Keep;

            var visioExporter = new VisioExporter();
            visioExporter.Export(diagram, "test.vdx");
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Re: Decision Anchor Points
Reply #1 - May 23rd, 2019 at 3:07pm
Try setting VisioExporter.DynamicsOff.

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