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Normal Topic Exception while registering license key (Read 1379 times)
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Exception while registering license key
Jul 13th, 2020 at 2:05pm
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Helllo, we are having the following exception when registering the license key for the winforms package through the method: MindFusion.Licensing.LicenseManager.AddLicense

Inner Exception:

> Type: TypeInitializationException
> Message: The type initializer for "A.c88c94fa464042c6eb4d4fd352a08bc56" caused an exception
> Stack-Trace:
   bei A.c88c94fa464042c6eb4d4fd352a08bc56.ce61146b7d6679d1889ffd66a6f0091d2(Int32 c5b2e4ec0b21205f475a97da64ad72a39)
   bei A.c078d5e2a4a33edc80050339ad8c98134..cctor()

Inner Exception:

> Type: NullReferenceException
> Message: The object reference was not set to an object instance.
> Stack-Trace:
   bei A.c12e24bbf6af015850d92b53ff3f34db2.c70359e696371ec9b2e79c332de4b1309(Int64 c7be76717467e3bca3d1d69efce9813d6, Stream c9309529dc62cb80c39225411de69c164)
   bei A.c12e24bbf6af015850d92b53ff3f34db2.c4b2b3862cad9a525b380a3ec0bab0789(Stream c9309529dc62cb80c39225411de69c164)
   bei A.c12e24bbf6af015850d92b53ff3f34db2.c24385701e36beba8c0a0a3d19af119b7(Int64 c7be76717467e3bca3d1d69efce9813d6, Stream c9309529dc62cb80c39225411de69c164)
   bei A.c88c94fa464042c6eb4d4fd352a08bc56..cctor()

Any clue will be appreciated

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Re: Exception while registering license key
Reply #1 - Jul 13th, 2020 at 2:25pm
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Please send me a PM with the value you pass to AddLicense. Verify you aren't seeing a first-chance exception (reported when thrown), which might be handled later on.

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