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Normal Topic Version 4.5 beta (Read 175 times)
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Version 4.5 beta
Oct 1st, 2020 at 5:21pm
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JDiagram version 4.5 contains the following new features and improvements:

SVG nodes
The SvgNode class represents nodes that can display SVG drawings in addition to the rendering provided by its base ShapeNode class. The SVG drawing of a node is set through its Content property. The SVG markup is loaded and associated with the node through a com.mindfusion.svg.SvgContent object, which should be initialized and then assigned to this property. The Factory class contains createSvgNode overloaded methods for creating nodes from SVG files or from already loaded SvgContent instances.

  • ImagePadding property of ShapeNode, TableNode and Cell lets you set padding space between element's borders and the contained Image.
  • Tag property added to the Cell class lets you associate custom data with cells.
  • FoldIconSize property added to ContainerNode.
  • HatchBrush objects are now serialized in JSON format.
  • Fixed JSON serializaton of pens with null DashStyle.

If anyone is interested in trying the beta version, please download this archive containing updated JAR file:

Any comments, questions and general feedback are welcome.
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