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MindFusion.WPF Pack, 2021.R2
Dec 23rd, 2021 at 3:21pm
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We have released MindFusion.WPF Pack 2021.R2. It adds following new features and improvements:


Scrollable containers
Set the Scrollable property of ContainerNode to let users scroll the container's contents. The node then displays scrollbars at right and bottom edges that can be used to scroll interactively. The ScrollX and ScrollY properties let you determine current scroll position or change it programmatically. Note that in order to let container's content overflow and become scrollable, you must either disable AutoGrow, or allow users reduce container size by changing HandlesStyle and EnabledHandles properties from their default MoveOnly / Move values.

Container improvements
  • ContainerNode containment is no longer implemented via a Group object. Child nodes are now stored in a dedicated Children collection, and a node's container is returned by the Container property.
  • The ClipChildren property specifies whether to clip child items to container’s boundaries.
  • Enable the AutoDeleteChildren property to automatically delete child nodes when a container is deleted.
  • Drag-and-drop operations from NodeListView and ShapeListBox automatically add the newly created node to a container if one is found at the drop position.
  • Call the ResizeToFitChildren method to resize a container, making it big enough to contain its child nodes.
  • The FoldedSize property of ContainerNode specifies the container's size when it is folded.
  • The KeepInsideParent constraint of child nodes now also prevents them from overlapping the container's caption bar.

  • ArrangeAsync method is now available in CoreCLR assemblies (.NET Core 3 and .NET 5).
  • The EnumAllPaths method of PathFinder yields each path immediately when found.
  • Fixed link-drawing exceptions when both TableNode and its Rows have their AnchorPattern set and ConnectionStyle is set to Both.

API changes
  • Container's child nodes are no longer accessible via SubordinateGroup; use the container's Children collection instead.
  • A node's container is no longer accessible via MasterGroup; use the Container property instead.
  • Child nodes are now also children of their Container in the WPF visual tree, instead of the Diagram, which could affect code that relies on VisualTreeHelper API.

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
  • Fixed unequal layout margins; now the keyboard should center correctly inside its layout area.

  • Fixed segment clipping in linecharts for values outside of current vertical range.

  • Custom format strings can now contain color names in square brackets, compatible with Excel color specifiers.
  • Fix for skipping manual page breaks (set via PageBreak property).
  • Fix for diagonal borders showing in exported Excel files when border width is set to 0.
  • Fixed missing parentheses when ExcelImporter imports shared formulas.
  • Extends the set of expression types in which blank cells are promoted to zeros or empty strings when referenced from formulas.
  • Names of named ranges can include backslash and question mark symbols.

  • Fix for DockControl activating wrong window when undocking items and application contains two top-level windows.

Installer for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

Updated assemblies are also available as MindFusion.Pack.Wpf NuGet package.

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