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MindFusion Java Pack 2024.R1
Jun 15th, 2024 at 9:29am
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We have released MindFusion Java Pack 2024.R1. It contains the following new features and improvements:


Support for custom in-place edit controls
Handle the createEditControl event to display a custom Java Swing component for users to edit item's content. This event is raised when entering in-place editing mode, either interactively by users or by calling the beginEdit method. You could handle the event to return a composite control for editing many of the item's properties, and not only text. When leaving in-place editing mode, the Diagram raises destroyEditControl to let you copy to the item any values entered by the user and close the custom editor.

Drag-and-drop improvements
The control now displays a ghost image of nodes dragged from NodeListView. Set the DragIndicatorOpacity property to set the image opacity.
Set HorizontalDropAlignment and VerticalDropAlignment to specify placement of dropped node relative to mouse pointer.

  • The Opacity property lets you create translucent DiagramItem by applying it to the alpha channel of all colors in the item.
  • Improved in-place editing of ItemLabels.
  • nodeHovered and linkHovered events raised when the mouse pointer rests over items for HoverDelay milliseconds.
  • TableNode copy constructor fixes.
  • Set the AutoDeleteLinks property to false to prevent deleting links along with a node they connect, and disconnect the links instead.

  • The PasteToMerged property lets you specify how the control handles pasting data into merged cells.
  • Formula bar preserves original text when evaluation is disabled.
  • Set the ShowLeadingApostrophes property to stop hiding escaping leading apostrophe (used to treat remaining cell content as text).
  • The CellIndex class can be used to convert between integer column / row and string representation of a cell address.
  • A new get overload of CellCollection accepts CellIndex as parameter.
  • OldValue, CurrentColumn and CurrentRow properties of IExpressionEvaluatorContext provide more contextual information for custom function evaluation.
  • The cancelDrag method lets you stop current user interaction.
  • Fixed incorrect cached state of modifier keys when the control loses keyboard focus.

  • loadFromXml overload of LocalizationInfo allow loading from

MindFusion Virtual Keyboard
  • drawBackground and drawFrame methods added to KeyTemplate class.
  • fix for Content values not loading from layout XML files.

Distribution for the latest version can be downloaded here, or from the clients area on our site:

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