Diagramming for ActiveX 4.6 Beta

MindFusion has just released a new beta version of its popular diagramming component for ActiveX. We have added a ruler control, table footers and more. Here are the details:

Ruler control

The Ruler control provides horizontal and vertical scales that help users measure flowchart items. It tracks mouse movements and modifications being performed on an item and displays markers over the scales that indicate the current position in the diagram coordinate system. You can align several items by selecting them, clicking on a scale and then dragging.  If no items are selected all items are aligned.

Preserve order in tree layout

If you enable the new PreserveOrder property of the TreeLayout, the layout object will preserve the original geometric order of child nodes when arranging them under their parent. This can be used to arrange tree branches in a specific order by first positioning them in increasing horizontal or vertical positions.

Tree Layout

Tree Layout

Table footers

Table nodes can display footer text with the new Footer property. You can customize the footer with the FooterHeight, FooterStyle, FooterColor and FooterFillColor properties.

Table Nodes

Table Nodes


  • setting Behavior to bhSelectOnly allows user only to select existing items, but not to modify them or draw new ones
  • PrintOptions.HeaderFont specifies the font of the header in a printed page
  • intermediate arrowhead shapes rendered for Bézier links
  • and more

You can read more about the new features of this release of FlowChartX at the news section of the forum. The beta version of the control is also available – you can download it from here:

Download Diagramming for ActiveX 4.6 Beta

About MindFusion.Diagramming for ActiveX: An ActiveX programming component that lets you create with ease every type of diagram, flowchart, scheme, chart, hierarchy, tree etc. The control supports rich user interaction model with advanced features like tool tips, grid alignment, docking points for nodes, scrolling and zooming and many more. FlowChartX implements 7 automatic layouts as well arrow routing. The appearance if each flowchart is completely customizable. Nodes can hold both images and text, their Z-order can be changed and there are tens of predefined shapes to choose from.

The control also includes detailed documentation and many samples for a variety of languages and platforms. You can find more about the features of the tool at the features page or check the licensing scheme and the prices here.