MindFusion.Scheduling Pack R1.2013

MindFusion has just released a new version of its Scheduling Pack. Here are details about the new features in the components that are included in the pack:

Visual Studio 2012 support

MindFusion.Scheduling Pack R1.2013 supports Visual Studio 2012. The installer can create VS2012 toolbox palette for the components, and can optionally install VS2012 sample projects. In addition, toolbox palettes are now created for all .NET target frameworks supported by the respective Visual Studio versions.

ASP-Net-16x16MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET

  • Interactive resize of items in all views.
  • Some of the CSS classes have been renamed to provide better consistency across themes. Check the updated CSS Classes topic for details.
  • The bundled jQuery version has been upgraded to 1.9.
A sample monthly schedule.

A sample monthly schedule.

NET-WinForms-16x16MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms

You can now export calendars to PDF files with the new PdfExporter.

Improved Custom Drawing
Items, including their shadows, can now be completely custom-drawn through the new ItemDrawing event. The
ItemDrawing event is raised before the item is rendered by the system and can be used to prevent the default item rendering. Two new events added to the Calendar class signal the start and end of the item drawing phase respectively – BeginItemDrawing and EndItemDrawing.


  • All resource collections now implement IList where T is the type of resources in the collection.
  • The GetExactDateAt method works more consistently in various scenarios.
  • Custom texts and icons can be supplied to the Print Preview form of the scheduling reports.
  • All texts within the calendar can be customized explicitly through the new CustomizeText event of the Calendar class.

WPF-16x16Silverlight-16x16MindFusion.Scheduling for Silverlight / WPF

Improved item presenter
The ItemPresenter class now provides the start and end time of the represented item fragment through the new StartTime and EndTime properties. In addition, derived classes can override the new OnStartTimeChanged, OnEndTimeChanged, and OnItemPropertyChanged methods to get notified when the StartTime or EndTime properties change or when any property of the underlying item changes.

Item recurrence

Item recurrence

Improved recurrence
The Recurrence class exposes a new event – ValidateOccurrence, which can be used to validate and customize the occurrences of a recurrence pattern.