Virtual Keyboard for Avalonia UI preview

We are soon releasing Avalonia version of our Virtual Keyboard control. It synthesizes keyboard events through Avalonia event routing system, so it should work on any platform supported by Avalonia UI. Unlike MindFusion Windows keyboard controls, events can be sent only to input controls in current process, and not to external processes.

In addition, language support cannot be generated automatically via OS APIs as in Windows controls, but we’ll be creating character maps for each language. Currently supported cultures that can be assigned to VirtualKeyboard.InputLocale property are en-US, fr-FR, de-DE and nl-NL.

If anyone is interested in trying the preview version, please install the nuget package –

In order to load keyboard’s Xaml resources into the application, call UseMindFusionKeyboard extension method from BuildAvaloniaApp in program.cs:

public static AppBuilder BuildAvaloniaApp()
=> AppBuilder.Configure()

A sample project that shows the minimal configuration to load the keyboard is available here –

Custom keyboard layout files can be created using the Keyboard Creator tool from our .NET WPF/WinForms controls’ distributions.

Any comments, questions and general feedback are welcome at our Avalonia keyboard forum board: