MindFusion.Diagramming for Blazor preview

We are soon releasing Blazor / WebAssembly flow diagramming library. First version implements most of the features of core MindFusion.Diagramming namespace from our WinForms desktop component, including layout and link routing algorithms. The library also includes NodeListView component for creating nodes via drag-and-drop. Import/export classes and other UI controls such as Ruler/Overview will be added with future releases.

If anyone is interested in trying out the beta version, please download this archive containing assemblies and sample projects:


Help reference is same as .NET WinForms version here, except for Color, Point, Size and Rect types coming from Microsoft.Maui.Graphics instead of System.Drawing:


Nuget package is available here:


Older versions of that package contained Blazor bindings for our JavaScript diagram library. These have been moved to a new package:


Any comments, questions and general feedback are welcome at our Blazor diagram forum board: