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Prices are in USD. All MindFusion components are royalty free.
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Each client receives 12 months free upgrades after the purchase of a license. Standard technical support is free of charge. Links to purchase premium support as well the difference between standard and premium support are listed here.

Please check here if you qualify for a price discount.

PocketChart Without
Source Code
Source Code
Single Developer License $300 $650
4 Developers Team License $550 $900
8 Developers Team License $950 $1300
Site - wide License* $1750 $2100
Enterprise License** $3200 $3550

* Site - wide License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at a particular physical address (single company branch).

** Enterprise License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at all its physical addresses (world-wide).

The End-user License Agreement for PocketChart can be read here.

Subscription renewal for 12 months costs 40% of license price. Customers get a discount code, which they see on their account page in the MindFusion clients portal or can request it from our support team.

Online with Credit Card


Wire Transfer

Please, contact us at, per phone at +359 877 65 22 51 or use our contact form to let us know that you want to use wire transfer. We'll send you an invoice for the chosen product with all necessary bank details.


PocketChart With Source Code

Source code theft has been a common IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) crime all over the world for years. In order to protect our Intellectual Property Rights without denying our clients the opportunity to buy the source code, we have set strict rules regarding source code download:

1. Source code is available only through download from the clients area.
2. Clients who have purchased source code must set up an account.
3. The account is approved and activated by an administrator.
4. We verify the authenticity of the purchase and the buyer before activating the account. In order to facilitate the check, please follow those simple rules when paying online with a credit card:

  • Use an e-mail address, which domain clearly coincides with the name of your company.
  • Leave a valid phone number and understand that we might be compelled to bother you with a verifying call.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and beg for your understanding!

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