PocketChart Features
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PocketChart Features

Below are listed some of the most important PocketChart features. The list is not complete and you can get better idea of the control's functionality if you download its online demo.

The PocketChart Component

  • Redistribution is royalty free;
  • Assembly is strong-named;
  • Is digitally signed;
  • Can be purchased with source code;
  • Is written in C#;
User Interaction
  • Several user interaction modes;
  • Scrolling and zooming;
  • Automatic scrolling while drawing objects with the stylus;
  • Alignment to grid;
  • Multiple-selection;
  • Ruler Control;
  • Docking points can be defined for nodes;
  • Programmatic access to the diagram objects and selections;
  • Numerous properties for customizing appearance and behavior;
  • Numerous utility methods;
  • Events fired for most end-user actions;
  • Store and retrieve diagrams into/from XML documents;
Diagram Elements
  • 87 predefined node shapes;
  • Tables with unlimited number of rows and columns;
  • Cells in tables can span several columns and rows;
  • Sections of table rows can be expanded or collapsed;
  • Arrows can comprise multiple segments;
  • Arrow segments can be straight lines or curves;
Automatic Layout
  • Spring-Embedder graph layout;
  • Directional tree layout;
  • Radial tree layout;
  • Layered graph layout;
  • Grid layout.
  • Nodes can display images and text;
  • Various text alignment styles;
  • Customizable fonts and colors;
  • Text can be laid-out in polygonal areas;
  • Ability to define custom node shapes;
  • Shadows;
  • Z-order;
  • Invisible nodes;
  • Lock diagram elements;
  • Read-only mode supported;
  • Tables can be scrolled;
  • Expand / collapse object hierarchies;
  • Dynamic positioning of arrows relative to linked nodes;
Linking Diagram Items
  • Nodes to nodes;
  • Table rows to table rows;
  • Nodes to table rows;
Hierarchical Grouping
  • Attaching nodes to other nodes;
  • Attaching nodes to arrow control points;
  • Attaching nodes to arrow segments;

For questions, comments and technical support about the PocketChart Component, please refer to support@mindfusion.eu. You can also use our contact form.

Thank you for your interest in PocketChart!

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