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MindFusion believes that providing quality technical support is as important as developing quality programming tools. We employ dedicated and competent support team that treats each inquiry received with utmost diligence and care. They provide you with valuable assistance in integrating and customizing MindFusion tools to fit perfectly the needs of your software. MindFusion support team works for your success and aims to save you time, money and effort.

Help Desk

Use our online issue tracking system to submit technical and sales inquiries or to register an account where you can keep track of past issues and pending questions.


Phone: +359 889 199 729

Online Documentation

The API of each of our products is documented in details. There is plenty of sample code and step-by-step tutorials. The latest help files for all MindFusion products are available online.


A directory with answers to questions that developers have asked us multiple times throughout the years. It gives details about pricing, licensing, styling, data input and other topics of general interest.


Online discussion board where you can report any difficulty you might experience while using MindFusion tools. This is also the place where you can submit feature suggestions for the components.


From consulting to prototype development and product implementation - MindFusion is always ready to contribute with its technology know-how and experience to the success of your organization. Learn more on how you can utilize our expert knowledge to speed up the development of your software projects.

Video Scripts

Word-by-word transcription of MindFusion video tutorials.

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