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One Library for Charts, Gauges and Dashboards.

MindFusion JS Chart combines 2D and 3D charts, financial graphs, gauges and dashboards. Elegant API, rich event set, unlimited number and type of data series and everything else you might need to create the perfect data visualization in JavaScript and HTML.


Common Chart Types

Create interactive line, area, bubble, bar, column, pie, doughnut, funnel, radar and polar charts. You can combine series from different types in a single JavaScript chart.

3D Charts

Build realistic 3D bar charts or cylinders. You can also add scatters to the 3D chart. Launch the sample.

Financial Charts

The JavaScript candlestick chart lets you easily create appealing stock charts that you can update in real time. The control handles well even large amounts of data.

Creative Dashboards

Combine any type of chart and gauge to create the perfect JavaScript dashboard. The control also supports labels and images.


An oval and linear gauge controls are easy to turn into any type of thermometer, clock, compass, car dashboard. Plenty of samples are available. You can install the gauges library from npm.


The chart library uses theme-based approach to styling completed with a theme editor UI tool. Each element of the chart can be styled as you wish - font options are available for text, different brushes, strokes and dash types for the other chart elements. All gauge elements expose properties for customizing their appearance.


Js chart has been optimized to handle large data points in resource-effective way. Even charts with hundreds of points are rendered smoothly, without placing significant load on your web server.

Dynamic Layout

The chart layout containers position elements relatively and recalculate the available space by every change of the chart size. This preserves the location and proportion of all chart elements.

User Interaction

A truly responsive JavaScript chart library that allows your users to scroll, pan, zoom and rotate the charts. Legends can be moved all over the chart area.

Data Sources

Each chart series implements the universal Series interface and handles data according to its type. Js Chart provides predefined series that handle numbers, DateTime values and XML. Implement the Series interface to create data series that get its data from custom objects.

Data Binding

The special DataBoundSeries exposes properties that let you bind the data for the chart or its labels directly to properties in a collection of objects. Look at this sample.


MindFusion Js Chart is designed to provide developers with a flexible class structure that allows chart elements to be created, combined, inherited and arranged as necessary. Chart elements include axis, plot, legend, different chart series.


The chart library includes a Charting.d.ts file, which contains TypeScript definitions of the entire charting API. All samples are translated into TypeScript and each *.js file in the folder has a *.ts counterpart.

Feature Comparison

A comparison list between the major features of MindFusion JS Chart and two of the most popular charting libraries for JavaScript.

Selected Samples

Radar Chart

JavaScript Radar Chart
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Car Gauges

JS Car Dashboard
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More Samples

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JavaScript Chart

Various Samples

Numerous samples demonstrate all features of the library.

JavaScript Chart: Detailed API Reference

Detailed Documentation

All API members have comprehensive description with sample source code.

JS Diagram: Elegant API

Easy-to-use API

Elegant API design with intuitive member names.

Intellisense Support


JavaScript intellisense file for all API members is included in the distribution archive.

JavaScript Chart Library: Custom Settings

Tailored To Your Needs

Numerous settings, customization options and styling possibilities.


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Source Code

Source Code

You can buy the complete source code of each JS control.

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