ISSUE 13 | April 2018
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MindFusion JavaScript Calendar, V1.0
MindFusion JS Scheduling Library is written 100% in JavaScript and aims to provide your web application with beautiful, interactive and highly responsive calendars and schedules. The key features include:
  • 6 calendar views: single month, multiple months, timetable, resource view, list view and week range view.

  • Full appearance customization through CSS themes.

  • Rich event set to handle any action the user performs on the calendar.
  • Import and export to Json/XML files

  • Possibility to localize the whole UI or parts of it into any language.

  • Various built-in forms for easy interaction with the calendar.

  • Excellent documentation, various samples, detailed tutorials.
Selected Blog Posts
Real-time Chart in WinForms
  • Your First Interactive Schedule in JavaScript
  • Follow these easy steps to create an interactive calendar in JavaScript with MindFusion Js Scheduler. The calendar lets users create, edit and delete appointments, recurrences and reminders.
  • Ishikawa Diagram in WPF
  • A video demonstration on how to build a fishbone diagram in WPF using the WPFDiagram library.
Recent Releases
Diagramming for ASP.NET, V6.1
Current Beta Tests
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