ISSUE 19 | July 2021
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MindFusion Pack for WinForms 2021.R1
MindFusion Pack for WinForms 2021.R1 presents you with the perfect toolset to integrate a wide range of UI features into your desktop application fast and easy. The new release offers:
  • Scrollable containers in diagrams

  • Lasso zoom tool

  • Json templates for CompositeNode-s

  • AxisOrigin property for charts

  • Non-zero start for FunctionSeries instances
  • NearestElement method for hit-testing charts

  • New themes in schedules

  • Improved ExcelExporter for spreadsheets

  • New DirListBox and FileListBox controls
Blog Posts
Data Validation, Formulas and Conditional Formatting in Spreadsheet for WinForms
  • Dashboard in WinForms - Part I - The Pie Chart
  • The first video of the "Dashboard in WinForms" tutorial series where we build a complex dashboard in C# and WinForms using the controls from MindFusion WinForms Suite. This video explains the pie chart.
  • Standard Nodes Shapes, Link Head Shapes and Link Type in React Diagram
  • This tutorial demonstrates the standard nodes available with the diagram library. It shows which of them are suitable to use as link heads and how to change the shape of the link body: Bezier, cascading, polyline, spline etc.
  • CompositeNode-s in Diagramming for React
  • This video demonstrates the CompositeNode type. Composite nodes nodes use templates, which are built from image, text, geometric fgures and other objects arranged in various containers: grid, stack or simple panel.
Recent Releases
MindFusion Diagramming for WPF, V3.6.3
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