ISSUE 12 | Jan 2018
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MindFusion WinForms Pack, V2017.R2
MindFusion WinForms Suite is the perfect set of components to build any type of .NET application fast and easy. The new features include:
  • New properties for labels in bar charts

  • Alignment Customization of labels at the Y-axis

  • Export of diagrams into Excel files

  • Improvements in the Visio2013Exporter for diagrams
  • Non-blocking diagram layout methods

  • Improved font support in reports

  • Improved measure unit support in reports

  • New and updated report samples
Selected Blog Posts
Logic Model Software Demo
Recent Releases
MindFusion JavaScript Diagram Library, V3.2
  • JavaScript Diagram Library, V3.2
  • Export diagrams to SVG drawings, ability to load the diagram as an AMD module, custom shapes enhancements and new appearance settings.
  • Diagramming for Xamarin, V1.2
  • Support for UWP Xamarin.Forms applications, flip of diagram shapes and a new Behavior.PanAndModify property.
  • Diagramming for WPF, V3.5.2
  • Export to Excel Open XML (.XLSX) files, new ImagePadding property for nodes, enhancements in the Visio2013Exporter, improved GridRouter.
Current Beta Tests
Happy New Year 2018!
MindFusion wishes all its clients, business partners and the rest of the MindFusion community health, luck and many smiles during the New 2018 Year!
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