ISSUE 11 | September 2017
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Spot On - Mindfusion News
MindFusion WPF Pack, V2017.R1
MindFusion WPF Suite provides developers with UI components that are rich in features and ready to be used into every type of .NET application. The new release includes:
  • Funnel charts

  • Crosshair in real-time charts

  • Flip of shapes in diagrams

  • Support of fluent API in the flowchart control

  • ShapeListBox control added to the diagram control
  • DiagramLink improvements

  • Shape formula improvements

  • RangeSelector integration in schedules

  • Improved XLSX Import and Export

  • You can add images to worksheet cells

  • WorkbookView supports clipboard operations
Selected Blog Posts
Org Chart in JavaScript
  • Organizational Chart in JavaScript
  • Use the Js Diagram library to create a beautiful organizational chart, where people from the company are represented with the hierarchy links between them.
  • Photo Album in WPF with the Diagram Control
  • A WPF application that shows pictures organized in folders and allows the user to add new pictures, new folders as well add/delete/rearrange existing photos.
Recent Releases
MindFusion.WebForms Pack, 2017.R1
  • MindFusion.WebForms Pack, 2017.R1
  • There are free-form nodes in diagrams, client-side drawing in charts and a long list of new features for the diagram and chart controls.
  • Diagramming for WPF, V3.5.1
  • Export improvements, ContainerNodes resize children, LinkLabel Visibility
  • Spreadsheet for WPF V1.2
  • UI localization with ready-made localization files for 7 of the most popular languages, grouping and outlining for rows and columns, several new events.
  • Diagramming for Windows Forms, V6.5
  • Non-blocking layout methods, various new properties and methods for ContainerNodes, Export classes RightToLeft mode support in DiagramView.
  • Diagramming for Android, V1.5
  • Flip node shapes, improvements in DiagramLink-s, new Behavior mode and new properties.
Current Beta Tests
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