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MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF, V3.5.1

The complete set of diagramming features for a WPF application.
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Diagramming Made Easy

MindFusion WPF diagram library is the perfect tool for building any type of diagram, org chart, scheme, graph, class hierarchy, genealogy tree or algorithm. And much more.

MindFusion WPF Flowchart Control: Predefined Node Shapes

WPF Flowcharts that Always Meet Your Requirements

Whether you need an organizational chart, a complex ER scheme, large graph with thousands of nodes or class hierarchy - MindFusion WPF Diagram control has the right diagram elements to let you build the perfect solution. You have an amazing set of more than 100 predefined node shapes and the convenience to use any WPF UIElement as a diagram node. You can also add table nodes with arbitrary number of rows and columns, span cells, expand or collapse the sections of each table row. Unleash your creativity by constructing your own nodes using the elegant built-in shape designer. Rotate nodes, draw links, organize diagram elements - MindFusion Diagram control for WPF knows no limits. Just like you.

Video tutorial: create custom node shapes

A Diagram Control as Responsive as You Want It to Be

MindFusion presents you with a WPF flowchart library that supports several fully interactive user modes. The component allows multiple selection and resize of several nodes at once. Users can quickly undo or redo each action as well perform copy/paste operations with ease. Each diagram supports automatic scroll when the user drags items with the mouse. For optimal results you can enable the node alignment guides or apply grid alignment.

MindFusion WPF Diagram Library: Multiple Selection
MindFusion WPF Diagram Control: Tree Hierarchy

Flexible Behavior

You might want to let users experience the full diagramming capabilities of your WPF application. Or you might not. To meet the scenarios where users have restricted rights, the control offers you a read-only mode and lock of diagram elements. On the other end, you can deliver advanced options like table scrolling or dynamic link positioning. If you work on a hierarchy, you can let the users collapse and expand its branches. You can extend the capabilities of your flowchart even further by allowing users to edit directly the content of nodes.

Output Format of Your Choice

MindFusion WPF Diagrammer integrates next-generation importers and exporters to ensure your flowcharts are easily transferred between applications. You can load your diagrams from Visio 2012 VSDX files or OpenOffice Draw (ODG) files. When your diagram is ready you can export it to PDF, SVG, Visio XML (VDX) drawing with any compromise of quality. The control also supports a comprehensive set of output options ranging from printing with print preview to HTML image maps for your favorite browser.

MindFusion WPF Diagram Library: Print Preview
MindFusion WPF Diagram Control: Automatic Layout Algorithms

Layout Algorithms that Make a Difference

Packed with a set of 18 ready-to-use automatic layout algorithms MindFusion diagram control for .NET offers more value for your money than any other competing product. Furthermore, MindFusion continuously integrates new layout algorithms and improves the performance and functionality of the existing ones. To describe each of them is hard, even impossible - you have to try them and witness the huge impact they can make on any type of diagram. To try them is simply trivial - you just create an instance of the chosen layout class and call a single method. It's as easy as it sounds!

Graph Layout Algorithms in Diagram Controls

Your Best WPF Diagram So Far

Performance matters but today's applications are also required to have polished looks. MindFusion WPF diagram control offers you every single option you'll need to create a market leading flowchart. You have a rich choice of pen and brush styles and customizable fonts and colors. You can apply user-assigned mouse cursors. When it comes to text editing - there are simply no limits: you can layout text in polygonal areas, apply various alignment styles as well combine text and images in a single node. Your diagram elements might have shadows with depth and offset of your choice, or you can go a step further by implementing transparent and invisible nodes. Last, but not least, the control supports embossment and shadow dispersion visual effects as well XAML templates.

MindFusion WPF Diagram Control: Formatted Text

"We are using the WPF diagramming component and are very happy with its quality. Moreover, we thank the MindFusion team for the individual and highly motivated customer support. Even in difficult situations and under time pressure you could help us out anytime."

Mr. Joerg Hubacher, CEO of AMADEE

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