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JavaScript Pack 2024.R1

Interactive JavaScript libraries that are easy to use and easy to customize.
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Bring your JavaScript app faster to the market

MindFusion JavaScript libraries aim to shorten dramatically the time you need to develop any type of interactive JS application. They also make the development much easier.

MindFusion Pack for JavaScript

JavaScript Controls: Interaction

Highly Interactive

Users can perform a variety of actions on any of the JavaScript components included in the pack. Nodes can be dragged and dropped in diagrams, items - in menus and tree views. Legends can be dragged in charts. Charts and diagram nodes can be rotated. Users can scroll the grid in charts or the timeline in schedules. Appointments can by created interactively in calendars and tree nodes on demand in tree views. Users can type and edit the text in calendar events or diagram nodes.

Online Sample: Observatories

Styling and Themes

Styling is supported through CSS themes. The appearance of any UI element of any control can be customized: font, border, background. Diagram nodes can have appearance effects: glass, aero, neon etc. Charts and diagrams support background images. You can change the icons on dialogs or tab pages. Dialogs can have custom header and footer. Gauges support custom drawing, which let you completely overhaul their appearance. The appearance settings of controls can be recorded in CSS themes, which are universal for all components in the pack.

Js Virtual Keyboard: Online Demo with CSS Themes
Js Scheduler: CSS Themes

JavaScript Libraries: CSS Themes
JavaScript Library Pack: Various Samples

Various Samples

The abundance of code to study and copy remains the preferred way for many software engineers to learn and develop new software. That is why MindFusion provides a long list with samples that demonstrate various features of its components. Many of the samples are available as separate downloads from the respective component "Samples" page. The samples strive to present you the best possible way to implement the most-common development scenarios with the featured control.

Online Sample: Chat Application in JavaScript

Detailed Documentation

MindFusion places high importance on providing a model, detailed documentation that diligently describes all API members for all its programming components with sample code. Step-by-step guides, tutorials and how-to articles are included for any of the tools. In addition, MindFusion maintains a YouTube channel with video tutorials and a company blog with learning articles. Both are updated regularly. The relevant content from them is references in the section "Online Resources" in the help guide.

JavaScript UI Libraries: Online Documentation

JavaScript UI Libraries: Online Documentation
MindFusion Technical Support

Excellent Support

MindFusion savvy support team takes an individual approach to each client, trying to offer them the solution that perfectly answers the requirements of their web application. We are always ready to prepare sample projects or simple mock-up applications if the client requires them. MindFusion knows that time is money and deadlines are tight. That is why we try to answer each support inquiry as quickly as possible.

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