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JavaScript ImagePicker

Let your users choose and upload images fast and easy.
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A Responsive ImagePicker Control with a rich API

Style and customize this JavaScript library in a way that suits your application best.

JavaScript ImagePicker Control: Demo

Two Modes

The ImagePicker control works both as an image chooser and an image drop-down control. You can allow the users to pick up image files from their computer or let them choose an image from a predefined list.

Online Documentation: ImagePicker Class Members

Complete Customization

The library exposes many properties, which allow you to control the style of the buttons, the height of the drop-down portion, the size of the items and more.

Online Sample: The ImagePicker Control

Custom Styling of the JS ImagePicker Library
Themes at the JavaScript ImagePicker

CSS Styling

The appearance of every element on the control is regulated by CSS styles. There is a set of 10 predefined themes, which you can edit or copy to create your own themes.

Interaction and Events

The ImagePicker API includes a set of different events that are raised when the user interacts with the control. The validation events alow you to cancel the user action.
Events and User Interaction in the JS ImagePicker Library

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