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Diagramming for WinForms, V6.5

The perfect WinForms diagram control? FlowChart.NET is much more than that.
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Impressive Features Set for Impressive WinForms Applications

The capabilities of MindFusion WinForms diagram control go way beyond building any type of flowchart, graph, hierarchy or tree. The control lets you use streetmaps, draw a plan of your interior, create gantt charts or fishbone diagrams. And supports 3D view.

WinForms Diagram Control: Table Nodes

Diagram Elements

The diagram library has an impressive variety of node shapes that meet the requirements of even the most demanding WinForms applications. You can choose among a set of more than 100 predefined node shapes and you have the ability to define your own shapes and shape libraries. For ER schemas and class hierarchies you have table nodes with unlimited number of rows and columns. In more complex scenarios you can use the container nodes that hold other nodes. For hierarchical data you have TreeView nodes. Maps from Esri shapefiles or in the OpenStreetMap format can be rendered as well.

Online Help: Diagram Structure

User Interaction

The rich user interaction model provides you with a long list of events and options how to respond to user actions. You can choose among several user interaction modes and allow the users to draw free forms. Diagrams can be panned, scrolled and zoomed, nodes aligned to a grid. Each diagram item supports tool tips, the nodes can be flipped and rotated. Users are able to copy and paste to/from the system clipboard, full undo and redo functionality is also supported.

Online Help: User Interaction

WinForms FlowChart Control: Gantt Chart
.NET Diagram Control: Node Reflections


Making your diagram look the way you want is an easy task with MindFusion flowchart control. All diagram items support many customization options from fonts and colors to HTML-like formatting of text and custom painting of nodes. You can apply shadows and visual effects. Nodes can be transparent or invisible. or faster results, you can apply one of the 40+ predefined diagram themes or create your own themes and styles.

Online Help: Appearance
Online Help: Display Graphs in 3D

Auxiliary Controls

The auxiliary controls provide additional functionality to your diagrams and make your work as a developer easier. The shapes listbox let you select a set of diagram shapes that your users can drag and drop onto the diagram work area. The ruler control provides important information about item position and size. The overview control is indispensable for larger diagrams and the zoom control allows the user to control the scale of the diagram. For a detailed list on the auxiliary controls provided with the WinForms diagram control click here.

WinForms Diagram: Magnifier Control
3D WinForms Diagram

Automatic Layout Algorithms

Layout algorithms can change dramatically the appearance of your diagram with the call of a single method. The diagram library has an amazing set of 20+ layout algorithms each one with its own set of customization options that let you fine-tune the final diagram. Some of the layout algorithms are developed to arrange certain type of diagrams: tree hierarchies, swimlane diagrams, classical flowcharts. Most of them are applicable to various diagram types and you are free to experiment which one arranges your flowchart the way you want. The control provides useful samples that apply many of the layouts and you can also check the graph layout reference page on MindFusion website.

Graph Layout Algorithms in Diagram Controls.
Blog Post: Combine Layout Algorithms
Online Help: Placement and Layout

Import and Export

The diagram library offers a lot of import and export classes that let you easily convert your diagrams from and to other applications, images and files. You can import your flowchart from an SVG drawing, Visio 2003 or Visio 20013 VDX and VSDX files. If you prefer OpenOffice you can import your diagram from ODG files. Once you are ready with the flowchart you can save it as an image in a variety of formats, as an SVG or Visio file. You can also use the PDF exporter to create a PDF file with the flowchart. More about diagram storage, diagram output options, importer and exporter classes can be read here.

.NET Diagram Control: PDF Export

"FlowChart.NET is an extremely high-quality and useful tool for developing diagramming software, and it's been a pleasure using it to accomplish my project requirements in a timely manner."

Mr. Jesse Mark, Marlin Controls.

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