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Org Chart WordPress Plugin

A fast and simple way to add an org chart to your WordPress site
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A New Way to Engage Your Website Users

Let your website visitors create and edit organizational charts with unlimited number of employees and levels.

Hierarchy WordPress Plugin: UEFA Euro 2016 Playoffs


You can use the Org Chart WordPress Plugin to:

The background color for nodes at the same level is automatically assigned from a palette of matching colors. Employee ID-s are assigned automatically.

The Org Chart WordPress plugin is offered in two editions: Free and Premium. You unlock the premium features by entering the path to a valid license file.

Online Sample: Football Playoff Table.

Quick Start

Detailed information on how to install, use and license the plugin is available on the User Guide section.
Video Tutorial: Learn How to Install, Use and Customize the Org Chart Plugin.

Interactive Ord Node Edit in a WordPress Site
WordPress OrgChart Plugin: Settings


Use the Plugin Settings menu to:


Free Org Chart Premium Org Chart
Unlimited number of levels and nodes
In-place edit of nodes
Interactively create and delete nodes
Load from a JSON file
Create different org charts on different pages
Save to a JSON file  
Save and Load buttons
Support for read-only mode

Customer Support

MindFusion provides qualified technical support for the users of its WordPress plugins. The preferred and fastest option to get an answer to your question is to post it as a new thread on the Discussion Board. You can also send us an email at or create a ticket at the Help Desk.

Customer Support for the Org Chart WordPress Plugin
WordPress OrgChart Plugin: Settings


The End-user license agreement for MindFusion WordPress Plugins is available here. You can write at with any questions or concerns about your rights when you use MindFusion WordPress plugins.

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