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User Guide

Learn how to install, use and license the Org Chart WordPress plugin by MindFusion.

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Install, Use and Customize the Org Chart Plugin.
Org Chart WordPress Plugin: Installation


Empty Org Chart

How to Use

To display an OrgChart in a page use the plugin slug in a page or a post. The code is:


The org chart that will be rendered will read its data from the path to the default json file in the plugin settings. If the path is empty and no json file is provided through the slug "json_url" attribute as well, a blank org chart is rendered. Users create the initial node with right click. Each additional node is created by right-click on its parent.
Code Editor


It is highly recommended to use the Code Editor when adding the slug. Make sure that no additional characters are put, for example, in the json_url attribute. Do not enclose the slug with styling tags, because this will not affect the appearance of the chart and could break the plugin's functionality.

Styling the Org Chart Plugin

Customizing the Plugin Appearance

You can define custom CSS to apply styling to the buttons and the search toolbar by using the following classes:

Never add any styling attributes directly into the slug of the plugin - most likely they will break it.


Provide a valid URL to specify the default location of the json file to load in your OrgCharts.

To display different OrgCharts either on different pages or in the same page, pass the corresponding path in the OrgChart slug, e.g.

mindfusion_org_chart json_url=""]

and omit setting the path through the general settings.

To enable uploads from users (logged-in users to be able to upload changes when saving) set the allow_upload attribute to true in the OrgChart slug, e.g.

[mindfusion_org_chart allow_upload="true"]

and omit the "json_url" attribute. In this case, the json files will be stored in the /orgcharts subfolder of the public /uploads folder on your FTP, which will be created automatically upon plugin activation. OrgChart JSON file names will use the pattern [post_slug][post_id].json.

* Note that this option is available only for the licensed version of the plugin.

Important - do not store your JSON files in the plugin folder, as they will be erased if you reinstall the plugin!

Org Chart Settings


Path to license file

The name of the licensing file must be diagram_lic.txt. Do not change the name of the licensing file. You only need one licensing file, no matter how many OrgChart instances you create.

Important - do not store your licensing file in the plugin folder, as it will be erased if you reinstall the plugin!

Show save and load buttons

Check to display Save and Load buttons.

When users press the Load button the OrgChart data will be loaded from its specified JSON file.
If the allow_upload option is not set, when users press the Save button the OrgChart data will be downloaded as a JSON file. If the allow_upload option is set, the modified data will be saved to the corresponding JSON file in the /uploads/orgcharts folder. Users must be logged in to perform uploads.

* Note that the Save button is active only in the licensed version of the plugin.

Show print button

Check to display the Print button.

When users press the Print button the OrgChart is exported to a PNG image, which is then shown in a Print Dialog Box. Note that if the OrgChart contains images, they must be stored on the same server, otherwise the export will fail and the Print page will not display due to CORS-related issues.

Show search button

Check to display the Search toolbar.

The Search toolbar enables you to search through the OrgChart data for a specified string. When a string is entered in the search field and the Go button is pressed, all nodes, containing the specified string, will be highlighted by a dashed blue border and their number will be displayed below the toolbar. To clear the borders click anywhere on the OrgChart surface.

Read-only mode

Check to set OrgCharts in a read-only mode.

In read-only mode users will not be able to modify the OrgChart, e.g. inplace edit, add or remove nodes. Search, print, save and load buttons will still work as expected.

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