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Free JS Chart

A comprehensive charting feature set written in pure JavaScript.
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Fantastic Charts. Free for Commercial Use

MindFusion is proud to present you Free JS Chart - a chart library for HTML and JavaScript that contains all features needed to build 4 types of fantastic charts. The library is absolutely free for personal and commercial use, for integration in educational, scientific and any other type of projects. No time limits, no limits for the number of developers, no attribution required.

Free Js Chart: Pie

Smart API

Free JS Chart boasts an intuitive API with self explanatory names for the API members. Each chart supports unlimited number of series, which you can mix to create charts that render data from XML, database, DateTime values and numeric arrays. Labels are supported for all charts and are very easy to set and customize. You can add unlimited number of legends.

Video Tutorial: Getting Started With the JS Chart
Online Tutorial: Building Your First Chart in JavaScript

User Interaction

Each chart included in the library is fully interactive. It supports zoom and you can switch on or off the zoom widget. Users can pan charts with axes or rotate pie charts. Tooltips are supported and can show data from any chart property as text including custom labels. Hit testing is performed on all chart parts. Legends can be moved with the mouse or pinned in place.

Free Js Chart: Multiple Lines
Free JS Chart: Scatters


Styling a chart is really easy. Styles and themes are supported for all chart types. In addition, all visual elements have the full set of appearance settings exposed as properties, which you can adjust. The control supports different brush styles, pen strokes, various style classes for the charts. From the bigger chart to the tiniest detail you really have full control over how your chart looks.


Free JS Chart is a subset of MindFusion Charting for JavaScript library. Here is a list of the major diferences between the two controls in terms of functionality.

Free JS Chart JS Chart Professional Edition
Chart Types line, scatter, vertical bar, pie line, area, bubble, scatter, stacked area, funnel, horizontal and vertical bars, pie, doughnut, radar, polar
Financial Charts  
3D Charts  
Customizable Grid
Unlimited number of legends
Multiple axes  
X2 and Y2 axes  
Unlimited number of Series
Pan and zoom
Chart rotation
Themes and styles
Customizable appearance
Axis customization
(labels, markers, colors)
Custom Layout  
Additional Chart Components  
Technical support  

The samples for the FreeJsChart library together with the scripts are uploaded on GitHub.
Find out more about the professional JS chart library here.
The end-user license agreement for Free JS Chart can be found at this page.

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