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.NET MAUI Calendar Control, V1.0.2

Time tables, event calendars, appointment schedules, resource distribution - all with a single component.
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Rich Set of Time and Resource Management Capabilities, Right From The Start

A native .NET MAUI Scheduling library for applications that target Android, iOS and need to run on Mac and Windows machines.

.NET MAUI Scheduler: Week Range, Month and Resource Views

Calendar Views

The calendar component offers 5 schedule views:

Each of the views has a corresponding *settings class, which defines numerous properties for customizing the view. You can specify the start date or time, the duration of the work day, the number of visible dates or hours, the count and type of headers and much more.

Online Reference: Calendar and Timetable Views

Appearance Customization

The scheduling library supports customization of every calendar element, big or small. Custom pens, brushes and fonts can be used for painting the background or the outline of calendar cells, items or parts of the views: headers, timeline, contents etc. On a larger scale, you have styles and themes, which can be saved and reused. The scheduler API provides 5 settings classes - one for each view. Each settings class defines numerous and various properties for specifying every detail on the view including headline and item size, text rotation, scroll step, header and footer and many more.

Online Reference: Customizing Appearance

.NET MAUI Calendar: Themes and Styles
Xamarin Scheduling Control: List View

User Interaction

Users can create and modify schedule appointments interactively. The library supports in-place edit of items as well as resize. The schedule scrolls automatically to fit appointments when they are moved to a new time cell. Users can move to the next day, month or year through the navigation handles, with hand gestures or the mouse pointer.

Online Reference: Undo and Redo

Samples & Tutorials

The library comes with a set of samples and projects that demonstrate most of its features and provide plenty of sample code to study and reuse. MindFusion regularly publishes new video tutorials, blog articles and updates its knowledge base. First-class technical support is available through several channels.

Video Tutorial: Creating an Appointment Table with Drag & Drop

.NET MAUI Scheduler: Milestone Items and WeekRange View

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