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Virtual Keyboard for WPF, V5.0.3

On-screen keyboard, which you can arrange and style as you want.
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The Common Touch

Provide your WPF POS UI software with a virtual keyboard that can contain any number of keys with any layout and size. Keys can render images.

WPF Virtual Keyboard: Extended Layout

A Smart WPF Control

MindFusion Virtual keyboard is the perfect software emulator of a physical keyboard identical to those used by mobile devices. The control exposes a rich set of customization options, which let you build the keyboard that fits perfectly in any POS UI application rendered on a touch screen. The built-in extended and standard layout modes are easy to toggle and provide your WPF software with even more flexibility. The popup regime allows space conservation - you can show the keyboard only when needed.

Virtual Keyboard Documentation: Virtual Keys

The Keyboard that Meets Your Needs

The virtual keyboard defines key sets for an extensive list of languages. The control automatically loads the matching language layout when it detects that the current Windows language has changed. In case you want a special layout you can use the convenient Keyboard Creator tool and define a custom layout, which you can save for future use in a software running on a keyboardless device.

Virtual Keyboard Documentation: Keyboard Layout
Virtual Keyboard Documentation: Keyboard Language

Virtual Keyboard: Standalone Keyboard
WPF Virtual Keyboard Control: Themes

The Right Design

The keyboard API exposes the complete line of properties needed to customize the look and feel of your virtual keyboard to match precisely the rest of the application. Styling the keyboard can be done on a detail as small as a single key - the extensive documentation lists a complete key template for your reference. The control even includes a set of predefined colour themes for a quick style overhaul of the entire keyboard.

Virtual Keyboard Documentation: Appearance

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