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Diagramming for Android, V1.5

The tool that makes adding diagramming capabilities to an Android app an easy task.
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A long list of features to make development time short

Whether you need to build a flowchart, a decision tree, a genealogy,a process diagram or simply a well-arranged graph: you can do it all, and much more, with MindFusion Diagramming for Android library.

Diagram Elements

Diagramming for Android offers more than 100 predefined node shapes to choose from. There are also a variety of special nodes like containers, table nodes and the option to create custom nodes. Diagram connectors can render multiple labels and be of various shape or multiple segments.

API Overview: Standard Item Types | Custom Item Types

User Interaction

The diagram library supports several user interaction modes as well scroll and zoom of the diagram canvas. Users can select multiple items, which they can drag and pan. Nodes can have docking points and be aligned to a grid.

API Overview: User Interaction

Styling and Appearance

The appearance of diagrams is style-based and the library comes with a set of more than 40 predefined themes. You can fully customize the looks of each diagram element, add visual effects and shadows. Text can be formatted in an HTML-like manner and rendered with any font or color.

Online Documentation: Appearance

Diagram Behavior

Users can interact with the diagram elements in a variety of ways. Tables can be scrolled, hierarchies - expanded and collapsed, node text can be edited on the go. You can also lock diagram elements of your choice or make the whole diagram read-only.

Automatic Layouts

With its rich set of more than 15 automatic graph layout algorithms, you are sure to find the perfect one for your diagram. All algorithms require a single method call to be applied and can dramatically change the appearance of your flowchart. They expose various settings, which allow you to fine-tune the end result.

Graph Layout Algorithms in Diagram Controls.

DiagramViewer for Android

If you already own a license for a MindFusion.Diagramming component or would rather use a different platform than Android - you can still render your flowcharts on any Android device. Just download MindFusion Diagram Viewer component - it will load from XML any flowchart saved by any of our diagramming tools. Best of all - it is free of charge. Find out more at the "Diagram Viewer for Android" web page or download the tool from the following link:

Download Diagram Viewer for Android

"I'm very impressed by the MindFusion Diagramming product. It is very well designed and professionally implemented. In addition, they have a very responsive and helpful support forum."

Ms. Rennie Petersen, Manager Merlinia A/S, Denmark

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