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JS Map

Load data from any tile map server. Add decorations, pins and labels.
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Beautiful, light and responsive maps that show it all

Use any Tile Map Service to render the desired map and decorate it with icons, markers and text annotations at locations of your choice.

JS Map

The MapView

The MapView control is responsible for rendering your maps with location pins and decorations. It supports scroll, pan and zoom. You can specify the zoom step, the min and max zoom level and the center of the map.

Online Sample: User Interaction in the Js Map Control
Online Documentation: MapView Class Members
API Overview: The MapView Control

Map View Controllers

Two additional controllers are available with the map view: zoom and layer. You can hide them if you wish. Both of them offer a set of useful customization options.

Online Sample: Layers and Controllers

JavaScript Map: Controllers

Map Layers

The map control supports two basic layer types: DecorationLayer and MapLayer. The decoration layer is used to store your location pins, icons, markers, annotations etc. The MapLayer is used to store information about the maps that can be rendered.

Online Sample: Map Layers and Decorations
Online Documentation: MapLayer Class | DecorationLayer Class | Marker Class | Decoration Class

Map Services

MindFusion Mapping requires a Tile Map Service (TMS) provider to get the tiles of the maps to be rendered. You assign the TMS url through a dedicated property. Another property allows you to credit the map service provider, if required.

Online Sample: A Simple Map Application with Attribution
API Overview: Tile Map Servers and Coordinates

JavaScript Map: Tile Map Services
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Methods and Events

Various methods are available to let you convert between client and geographical coordinates of the map, access decorations and scroll or pan to a given location. The rich event set includes notifications when users click or hover above a decoration or the map. Events are also raised when a layer is loaded or the MapView control has focus.

Online Sample: Decorations

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