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JS Dialogs

Easily customized and styled to match your needs.
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Flexible UI dialogs written in pure JavaScript

Respond to user interactions with MindFusion set of alert, prompt and confirm dialogs.

JavaScript Confitm, Info and Input Dialogs

Predefined Dialogs

The following dialogs are available out of the box:

Online Sample: Confirm, Info and Input JavaScript Dialogs

Full Control Over User Interactions

Various properties let you choose whether users are allowed to close, drag, pin, resize and refresh the dialog. You can also control the visibility of the dialog.

Online Sample: Dialogs
Online Sample: Dialog Options

Move and Resize
JavaScript UI: Modal Dialog

Modal Dialogs

Turning the dialog into modal and vice versa is done by means of a single property.

Online Sample: Modal Accept/Decline Dialog

Dialog Size

You can specify the initial size of the dialog as well its allowed minimum width and height. The CSS of the dialog HTML elements lets you resize specific elements of the dialog and place a scroller for example.

Online Sample: Interactive Yes/No Dialog with Scroller

Interactive JavaScript Yes/No Dialog with Scroller
Info Dialog in JavaScript


You can fully customize the look and feel of your dialog through the general css themes. You can also assign a custom CSS class and provide a dialog icon.

Online Sample: Info Dialog with Custom Styling

Custom Dialogs

Create your own dialog that contains the controls and text you need by extending the predefined confirm, info and input dialogs.

Online Sample: Custom Dialog with a Customized Theme

Custom Yes/No Dialog in JavaScript
JavaScript Dialog Events


Events are raised for every action the user is performing or has performed over the dialog. You can tell which button was clicked, whether the dialog is opening or closing, if the content is loaded and much more.

Online Sample: Info Dialog with Button Event Handlers

MindFusion Pack for JavaScript

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