ISSUE 09 | April 2017
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MindFusion Chart for Java Swing
MindFusion Chart for Java Swing is the perfect tool to add interactive and beautiful charts, dashboards and gauges to any application written in Java Swing. The library offers:
  • A dashboard control

  • Support for all popular chart types: pie, doughnut, line, area, step, bubble, radar, polar and more

  • Rich user interaction model, pan, zoom, rotation etc.

  • Unlimited number of legends.
  • Complete control over the appearance, support for chart themes

  • Flexible data model that allows the use of all popular data sources as well custom data objects.

  • Customizable oval and linear gauges

  • Unlimited number of axes
Selected Blog Posts
Event Ticketing System
  • A Funnel Chart in JavaScript
  • A quick step-by-step tutorial that goes through all necessary steps from the library files needed to customizing the fonts.
Recent Releases
Charting for ASP.NET, V4.0
  • Charting for ASP.NET, V4.0
  • Client side drawing of charts, new data model, new rendering model, a dashboard control, advanced styling options and support for themes.
  • FlowChartX, V4.9.3
  • Tree map layout, arrow improvements, new properties.
  • Diagramming for Android, V1.4
  • Support for enum types, fluent API and improvements in DiagramLink-s. All sample projects have been converted to the Android Studio format.
  • Diagramming for WPF, V3.4.2
  • Fluent API, DiagramLink improvements, new properties.
Current Beta Tests
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