MindFusion WinForms Spreadsheet Control: Convert XLSX to PDF

This blog demonstrates how easily you can convert XLSX files to PDF using the Windows Forms Spreadsheet control.


Create a new WinForms application and add the necessary assemblies to the project. Add a WorkbookView control to the main application window. Note, that this is not necessary for the conversion – it is done only to display the original XLSX file.

Perform the conversion

Add a button to the main form, set its text to ‘Convert…’ and handle its Click event. In the event handler display an OpenFileDialog to query the user for the input XLSX file, then display a SaveFileDialog to request the target PDF file. Once the two files are specified, proceed with the conversion by creating an ExcelImporter and PdfExporter objects and using their Import and Export methods in succession:

// Import the data
var importer = new ExcelImporter();
importer.Import(xlsxPath, workbook1);

// Export the worksheet as PDF
var exporter = new PdfExporter();
exporter.EnableGridLines = true;
exporter.Export(workbook1.Worksheets[0], pdfPath);

// Open the PDF

The xlsxPath and pdfPath variables identify the respective XLSX and PDF file names. The workbook1 variable represents the Workbook displayed on the form. Once the conversion is complete, the PDF file is opened in the default PDF viewer by calling Process.Start.

The following image illustrates the result:

The source code of the project together with all necessary libraries can be downloaded from here:

Convert .XLSX to .PDF Files Using the WinForms Spreadsheet Control: Download Sample

You are welcome to ask any questions about the WorkbookView control at MindFusion discussion board or per e-mail at support@mindfusion.eu.

Click here here to visit the official page of the MindFusion WinForms Spreadsheet control.

We hope you find this tutorial useful and thank you for your interest in MindFusion developer tools.

MindFusion.Spreadsheet: Convert XLSX to PDF

In this blog we will discuss how to convert an existing XSLX file to PDF using MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms.


As with all previous blogs we start off by creating a new Windows Forms Application in Visual Studio and adding a WorkbookView control to the main form. The WorkbookView displays a Workbook with a single worksheet.

Importing the XLSX file

In MindFusion.Spreadsheet XLSX files are imported using instances of the ExcelImporter class. For the purposes of this blog we will import an existing report.xlsx file, contained in the zip of the sample. To import this file, use the following code:

var importer = new ExcelImporter();
importer.Import(Path.Combine(path, "report.xlsx"), workbook1);

Creating the PDF

To create a PDF file from the imported worksheet, create an instance of the PdfExprter class and call its Export method:

var exporter = new PdfExporter();
exporter.EnableGridLines = true;
exporter.Export(workbook1.Worksheets[0], Path.Combine(path, "report.pdf"));

The following image illustrates the result of the conversion:


The source code of the sample is available for download from here:


The trial version of MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms can be downloaded from here:

Download MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms Trial Version

About MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms: A powerful .NET spreadsheet component with great capabilities for editing, styling and formatting large amounts of data.