Diagramming for ASP.NET, V5.5

Here is the list of the recent changes and additions to MindFusion WebForms Diagram control:

Resize table columns and rows

Note: This feature is not available in ImageMap mode.

Columns and rows of a TableNode can now be resized interactively if its AllowResizeColumns or AllowResizeRows properties are enabled. In order to resize, move the mouse pointer to the border line on column’s right side or row’s bottom side until it shows resize cursor and start dragging. The control raises TableColumnResizing and TableRowResizing events to let you validate new size or prevent resizing some elements. The TableColumnResized and TableRowResized events are raised after the operation completes.

Diagramming for ASP.NET: Table Nodes

Diagramming for ASP.NET: Table Nodes

Canvas mode improvements

  • Shape library files and ShapeLibraryLocation properties of DiagramView and ShapeListBox can now be used in Canvas mode.
  • Items can now be deleted using Backspace key when running on Mac.
  • Caption divider line in TableNode and ContainerNode is now rendered clipped when caption height is smaller than corner radius.
  • The TooltipDelay property specifies the delay in milliseconds before showing tooltips.
  • The Orientation property of NodeListView lets you set the view’s orientation to Horizontal or Vertical (members of Orientation enum).
  • Fixed overlaps in client-side TreeLayout when arranging nodes of different sizes.
  • Fixed a bug where deserialization of custom item classes worked correctly only if their names contained Node or Link suffix.
  • MsAjaxLocation and JQueryLocation properties let you change the location of external script libraries.
Diagramming for ASP.NET: Node Shapes

Diagramming for ASP.NET: Node Shapes

ImageMap mode improvements

  • Image generator implementation changed from Page to IHttpHandler , this makes it more lightweight avoiding the full page life-cycle.
  • Image generation is now implemented by the built-in ImageHandler class inside MindFusion.Common.WebForms assembly and it no longer requires adding external .aspx file to the project. Instead, it can be listed in web.config file:
        <add name="ImageHandler" path="ImageGen.ashx" verb="GET" type="MindFusion.Common.WebForms.ImageHandler, MindFusion.Common.WebForms">
  • For convenience, there is still optional ImageGen.ashx provided as external file for easier set-up of the project (add existing file instead of changing web.config).
  • ZoomControl no longer draws using <canvas> element when running in ImageMap mode, but uses ImageHandler to generate bitmaps.

API changes

ZoomControl can now be used with other MindFusion components and has been moved to MindFusion.Common.WebForms namespace and assembly.

Here is a direct link to download the trial version:

Download MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET, V5.5 Trial Version

Technical support
MindFusion support team is happy to assist you with any questions you might have about Diagramming for ASP.NET or any other of our products. You can leave a message at the discussion board, use the help desk or e-mail support@mindfusion.eu.. We strive to provide competent and detailed answers to your questions within hours of receiving them.

About Diagramming for ASP.NET: An advanced WebForms programming component that offers all the functionality that is needed for creating, styling and presenting attractive flowcharts, hierarchies, trees, graphs, schemes, diagrams and many more. The control offers numerous utility methods, path finding and cycle detection, rich event set and many useful user interaction features like tool tips, multiple selection, copy/paste to/from Windows clipboard and many more.

NetDiagram offers more than 100 predefined node shapes, scrollable tables, 13 automatic layouts and many more. You can check the online demo to see some of the features in action. The control includes many samples, detailed documentation and step-by-step tutorials. Every features is duly documented and there’s plenty of code to copy. The component is not only powerful and scalable, but easy to learn and fun to use.

Diagramming for ActiveX V4.9.1 Released!

MindFusion is proud to announce the new release of its ActiveX Diagramming control. Here is an overview of the new features:

Highlight table rows
You can use the new HighlightedRow property of a Table to the index of a row that should be drawn highlighted. You can set the background of highlighted rows’ with RowHighlightColor. With the new AutoHighlightRows property, a row will be highlighted automatically when clicked.

Tables in the diagramming for ActiveX component.

Tables in the diagramming for ActiveX component.


  • VisioImporter, VisioExporter and SvgExporter has been merged into the main flowchartx.dll library file, and can now be used with its 64-bit version.
  • Set the BackColor property of ArrowLabel to fill the background of link labels.
  • Link segments now connect to the base of arrowhead shapes instead of going all the way through them, letting you use transparent and semi-transparent fill color for arrowheads without seeing segment ends inside.
  • Fixed crash in 64-bit SaveToBitmap function.

The trial version of the control is available for download from here:

Download FlowChartX 4.9.1 Trial Version

Technical support
MindFusion puts special effort in providing excellent customer support to all developers who use our components. You can write at the forum, help desk or use e-mail support@mindfusion.eu. All questions are usually answered within hours of being received.

About MindFusion.Diagramming for ActiveX: An ActiveX programming component that lets you create with ease every type of diagram, flowchart, scheme, chart, hierarchy, tree etc. The control supports rich user interaction model with advanced features like tool tips, grid alignment, docking points for nodes, scrolling and zooming and many more. FlowChartX implements 7 automatic layouts as well arrow routing. The appearance if each flowchart is completely customizable. Nodes can hold both images and text, their Z-order can be changed and there are tens of predefined shapes to choose from. Nodes support aero and glass visual effects.

The control also includes detailed documentation and many samples for a variety of languages and
platforms. You can find more about the features of the tool at the features page or check the licensing scheme and the prices here.