MindFusion Pack for ASP.NET 2014.R1

We have just released MindFusion.WebForms Pack 2014.R1. The diagramming component in the pack offers several new features – here is an overview:

diagram16x16Diagramming for ASP.NET

Import of Visio 2013 files
The new Visio2013Importer class can import *.vsdx files, created by Visio 2013. It is part of the MindFusion.Diagramming.Import.Visio.dll assembly and you must reference it if you want to use the importer. The Import method has various overloads, which let you choose how the Visio diagram is imported – as a whole diagram whose content is merged from all imported pages or as a DiagramDocument, whose pages correspond to the Visio drawing pages. Each Visio connector and node shape in the original diagram is represented by a matching DiagramLink and DiagramNode object in the resulting flowchart.

Canvas mode improvements

  • The HandlesStyle property of nodes is now supported in Canvas mode.
  • Dynamic links are now supported in Canvas mode.
  • You can apply layout algorithms to the content of a ContainerNode by calling its arrange method.
  • and more.

Java mode improvements

  • RoundedLinks and RoundedLinksRadius properties are now supported in Java mode.
  • AutoSnapLinks is now honored in Java mode; links drawn interactively snap to a nearby node from a distance.
  • createFontEx method added to ScriptHelper creates bold, italic and underlined fonts.
  • as well other improvements.


Several new predefined shapes are available in the Shapes class – RightTriangle, Decagon, Trapezoid, Star4Pointed, Star5Pointed, Star6Pointed, Star7Pointed, Star16Pointed, Star24Pointed, Star32Pointed, Donut and Plaque.

The new predefined node shapes.

The new predefined node shapes.

The trial version is available for download from this link:

Download MindFusion Pack for WebForms, 2014.R1

About MindFusion.WebForms Pack: A set of WebForms components that add great variety of features to your ASP.NET application with a few mouse clicks. The pack contains advanced components for diagramming, scheduling, charting and UI (Accordion, ColorPicker, TabControl, Window, WindowHost, DockControl, Button, Slideshow, Zoom and more). Each tool boasts easy to learn and use API and is quickly integrated into any web application that targets the ASP.NET platform. The controls support numerous options for styling, data import / export, user interaction and offer rich event set. There are plenty of samples and step-by-step tutorials as well detailed documentation.

Use the features page for each of the tools to find out more about its capabilities and
the numerous ways it can boost your performance and speed up the development of your application:

Visit the buy page for details on the licensing scheme and prices. If you have questions please contact us. We shall be happy to assist you.