Interactive JS Keyboard Library, V1.0

A virtual keyboard in pure JavaScript for apps that run on touchscreen devices.
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Highly interactive, highly customizable

Now your JavaScript application can handle screen typing the way a native mobile application does.

JavaScript Keyboard Library: Extended Layout

Keyboard Layout

The virtual keyboard library supports three layouts:

Styling and Appearance

The look of the keyboard is completely customizable through css. You can specify the background of the keyboard and the key, the border thickness, the border stroke and radius, the color of the text and any other css styling supported by an HTML button element.

For your convenience we have created a set of 8 predefined CSS themes: Bordo, Default, Fire, Neon, Silver, Sky, Smoke, Standard.

Js Keyboard Library: Themes
JavaScript Keyboard Library: The API


The keyboard library is very easy to use and implement. The keypress event lets you handle user input. Localization is fully supported and you can render characters in any language you need.


Some common scenarios where you can use the JavaScript virtual keyboard are to provide:

Video Game With Keyboard Input
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