MindFusion Diagram Viewer Library for Android

You can show now your diagrams and flowcharts on any Android device. With MindFusion DiagramViewer library for Android you can load any diagram, created by any MindFusion diagramming component and exported to XML. Currently, the diagram viewer supports the following item types:

  • ShapeNode
  • ContainerNode
  • TableNode
  • TreeViewNode
  • DiagramLink
Diagrams in Android mobile devices

Diagrams in Android mobile devices

The library includes all model classes and properties from MindFusion’s Java diagramming library. This provides your Android applications with access to the loaded links and nodes and their data properties, along with methods for simple hit testing from touch events. Here is a link to the online documentation of the Java diagramming component:

MindFusion.Diagramming for Java online reference.

MindFusion diagram viewer for Android is free of charge for anyone with a license for any MindFusion.Diagramming component – you can learn more about the tools here.

We have prepared a deteiled guide on how to use the library in an Android application. You can read the tutorial from here:

Tutorial: How to Render a Diagram in an Android Application