Diagramming for ActiveX 4.8

MindFusion has released a new version of Diagramming for ActiveX programming component. Below is a list of the new features:

Multiple labels per arrow

You can use the ArrowLabels class to show multiple captions at a single Arrow object. The appearance and format of the labels are fully customizable – use the Text, Font, TextColor, EnableWrap, MaxWidth, Margin properties to specify how your caption looks. There are various properties for setting the position of the label – RelativeTo, Index, HorizontalAlign, VerticalAlign, HorizontalOffset, VerticalOffset. The RelativeTo property lets you bind labels to a specific control point or segment specified by Index, or to a percent of the arrow’s Length.

Labels at diagram links.

Labels at diagram links.

In-place editting of arrow’s text

The new AllowInplaceEdit property allows users to edit an arrow’s caption interactively – they just need to double click an Arrow object or an ArrowLabel. Programmatically, the arrow’s caption can be edited by calling the BeginInplaceEdit(label) method with null/nothing as an argument.

New Stock Shapes

You can now use the new set of predefined node shapes – RightTriangle, Decagon, Trapezoid, Star4Pointed, Star5Pointed, Star6Pointed, Star7Pointed, Star16Pointed, Star24Pointed, Star32Pointed, Donut and Plaque. You can read further details about the new features and this release of FlowChartX at the news section of the forum. The trial version of the control is available for download from here:

Download FlowChartX 4.8 Trial Version

Technical support

MindFusion puts special effort in providing excellent customer support to all developers who use our components. You can write at the forum, help desk or use e-mail support@mindfusion.eu. All questions are usually answered within hours of being received.

About MindFusion.Diagramming for ActiveX: An ActiveX programming component that lets you create with ease every type of diagram, flowchart, scheme, chart, hierarchy, tree etc. The control supports rich user interaction model with advanced features like tool tips, grid alignment, docking points for nodes, scrolling and zooming and many more. FlowChartX implements 7 automatic layouts as well arrow routing. The appearance if each flowchart is completely customizable. Nodes can hold both images and text, their Z-order can be changed and there are tens of predefined shapes to choose from. Nodes support aero and glass visual effects.

The control also includes detailed documentation and many samples for a variety of languages and
platforms. You can find more about the features of the tool at the features page or check the licensing scheme and the prices here.

Diagramming for JavaScript, V1.7.1

MindFusion has released a new version of its diagramming component for JavaScript. Here is an overview of the new features in Diagramming for JavaScript, V1.7.1:

Rounded links
If your links are with Polyline or Cascading Shape, they can be rendered with rounded joints between the segments. You need to call the new Diagram.setRoundedLinks(true) method to enable this. The radius of joint arcs is specified with the Diagram.setRoundedLinksRadius.

Arcs at links crossings.

Arcs at links crossings.

Link crossings
The component can now represent the crossing point of two links either as an arc (bridge) drawn for the link with the higher Z-index, or as a cut in the link with lower Z-index. Call the Diagram.setLinkCrossings() methods with either LinkCrossings.Arcs or LinkCrossings.Cut as an argument. The radius of crossing arcs is specified with Diagram.setCrossingRadius().


  • By node rotation, the links are now routed around the rotated node’s boundaries.
  • The new routeAllLinks pulls apart link segments that would overlap.
  • A set of new predefined node shapes are added to the Shapes class: RightTriangle, Decagon, Trapezoid, Star4Pointed, Star5Pointed, Star6Pointed, Star7Pointed, Star16Pointed, Star24Pointed, Star32Pointed, Donut and Plaque.
  • and much more – read the full list here.

The trial version of the new Diagramming for JavaScript release is available for direct download from the following link:

Download MindFusion.Diagramming for JavaScript Library 1.7.1

We have always taken special effort in providing quality technical support to all our clients and evaluators. You can write us at e-mail support@mindfusion.eu or use the help desk. You can use the JsDiagram section on MindFusion forum to post questions about the tool.

About Diagramming for JavaScript Library: Written 100% in JavaScript, this tool uses HTML5 Canvas to draw impressive diagrams, schemes, flowcharts, trees and many more. It is browser independent, easy to use and integrate into any web application. JsDiagram supports a variety of predefined node shapes, customizable links, rich event set and many appearance options. The user interaction model includes resizing / moving / selecting and modifying any diagram element.

The tool boasts an elegant API, which is documented in details as well numerous step-by-step guides and tutorials. Various samples are provided to let you learn quickly how to use the most important features of the library – check them here. JsDiagram is not only the perfect choice for creating any type of diagram in the browser – it can also arrange it the way you wish with a mouse click using one of its automatic graph layout algorithms. For more details about the features of the component, please visit the JsDiagram page.

Diagramming for Silverlight, V3.0.1

We have released a new version of the Diagramming component for Silverlight. Here is an overview of the new features:

Zoom control

The new ZoomControl class lets users interactively change the zoom level and position of a diagram. In order to use the ZoomControl, place it anywhere over the target diagram and set the target property of the control to that diagram. Use the ZoomStep and ScrollStep properties to customize the control. The control’s appearance is customized with the Fill, Stroke, CornerRadius and TickPosition properties.

The zoom control and the new predefined node shapes.

The zoom control and the new predefined node shapes.


  • Use the new AllowRenamePages property of TabbedDiagramView to let users rename a DiagramPage interactively by clicking on its tab.
  • Several new stock shapes have been added: RightTriangle, Decagon, Trapezoid, Star4Pointed, Star5Pointed, Star6Pointed, Star7Pointed, Star16Pointed, Star24Pointed, Star32Pointed, Donut, Plaque.
  • The HandlesStyle property of nodes supports two new handle styles – RoundAndSquare and RoundAndSquare2.
  • The SetSelfLoopShape event is raised when a link becomes a self-loop. You can set a custom shape for that link.
  • and much more – find the full list here.
Tabbed view.

Tabbed view.

Direct download of the trial version is available from the link below:

Download DiagramLite 3.0.1 Trial Version

Feel free to contact us with any questions about Diagramming for Silverlight or any other of our products – please use the forum, email support@mindfusion.eu or the help desk. We strive to provide competent and detailed answers to all support inquiries within hours of receiving them.

About MindFusion.Diagramming for Silverlight: A programming component specially designed and developed to provide web developers with a fast and easy way to create diagrams, graphs, schemes, hierarchies, charts and many more. The impressive feature set of the control ranges from predefined node shapes to custom nodes and thirteen automatic layouts. The style and appearance of all diagram elements are completely customizable, the numerous samples provide programmers with plenty of example code to look from.

The control boasts intuitive API that is documented in details in the help file provided with the installation. There are also step-by-step tutorials and various guides. You can check the features list here to find out more about the capabilities of the tool. An online demo is also available. The prices are per developer, source code is also available. Learn more about the licensing scheme here.