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How to buy a license for InSight Diagrammer.

High quality might come at high price but InSight Diagrammer offers quality without compromises at the price of just 45 USD. Registered versions of the software allow:

We want to save not only your money but also your time and have made the registration process fast and simple. Run the application while connected to the Internet and go to the 'Help -> Register on-line' menu. An automated wizard appears, which will guide you through the registration process. Any information you provide during the registration process remains secure.

After the payment has been made you shall receive an e-mail message with any billing and serial number information you might need. Please, make sure you retain this message because the information it contains is needed every time you reinstall your software. (In order to reinstall a registered InSight Diagrammer version hold down the Alt key while on the first screen of the registration wizard and click the Reinstall button that appears.)

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