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Scheduling for WPF Licenses

Licenses are perpetual and royalty-free. Each license purchase grants you 12-month upgrade subscription.



Single Developer USD 300
Single Developer with Source Code USD 650
4 Developers Team USD 550
4 Developers Team with Source Code USD 900
8 Developers Team USD 950
8 Developers Team with Source Code USD 1300
Site-wide* USD 1750
Site-wide* with Source Code USD 2100
Enterprise** USD 3200
Enterprise** with Source Code USD 3550

* Site - wide License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at a single company branch.
** Enterprise License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at all its branches world-wide.

Price Discounts MindFusion offers discounts for small companies, freelancers, academic institutions, returning customers and others. Read details at the discounts page.

Technical support is included in the price of the license.

Scheduling for WPF is part of MindFusion.WPF Pack - a diverse set of WPF components that includes Diagramming, Scheduling, DataViews, Spreadsheet, Reporting, Charting, Gauges, Mapping, Virtual Keyboard and UI (Accordion, ColorPicker, Calendar, Dock control, Button, Rating, Numeric UpDown, Slider, Tab control, Window) controls.

The Wpf Schedule Library is also part of MindFusion.Scheduling Pack, which includes time management components for 8 platforms: JavaScript, WinForms, WPF (with DataViews), Java Swing, ASP.NET, Silverlight (with DataViews), Xamarin, WinPhone (with DataViews).

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